NHL 18: Featuring Unique Brightly-lit Arenas With Smaller Rinks

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NHL 18 is the most wide-open and exciting gameplay, and it’s worth playing. Even if for hardcore fans of the game who are hesitant to try out new features. EA SPORTS NHL 18 will be available worldwide from September 15th. Much more information is yet to be found on U4GM, find more at here. Just as we promise, we will strive for offer more the latest news.

NHL 18


In NHL 18, EA has a few tricks up its sleeves this year. The biggest of these are Creative Attack Dekes, new offensive deke moves that include between-the-legs dekes, back-handed toe-drags, heel drags and many more. This year’s NHL 18, featuring unique brightly-lit arenas with smaller rinks, NHL THREES is a flashier experience with tons of special FX and noise.

NHL 18 is shaping up to continue the trend. The gameplay additions make the action more dynamic. In addition, influenced by the staggering athletic capability of the new class of NHL stars like Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel, these new dekes will allow players to pull off more stylistic plays than ever before.

NHL 18 is one of the world’s largest sports games, the NHL series has been played by millions since 1991. The game contains all 14 teams, the developers said: ” our goal with NHL 18 is to provide the most complete hockey experience for our fans around the world. We are very excited to introduce more new elements to the game. While you are having much fun in the game by buying Cheap NHL 18 Coins.

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It’s glade to hear that The Horns of the Reach DLC content pack and Update 15 are now available on PC & Mac! ESO Plus members can purchase the new pack in the in-game Crown Store. How about the players for PS4 or Xbox One? Don’t worry it will be released on console on August 29th. There are some new additions are included in the download package, such as two new dungeons: Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot. Below we’ll mainly introduce the two new dungeons.

Dungeons: Bloodroot Forge
Dungeons: Bloodroot Forge

The Forge is als not a peaceful place. It’s burning with hatred and thirsty for vengeance, the Reachmen have found the dreadful place: the Bloodroot Forge. Players have to pay  attention to where they are going and take care of  a pool of hot lava. Do remember don’t celebrate in advance even if you are able to successfully navigate the difficult terrain, there’s no means, because numerous enemies are waiting for their chance to slay the intruders. Members of the Dreadhorn Clan need to be dealt with and if you venture deep enough into the Bloodroot Forge you might come across the boss of this new dungeon: Earthgore Amalgam.

Dungeons: Falkreath Hold

Falkreath Hold is one of versions of “Skyrim”. It’s larger but young and being attacked by the members of Dreadhorn Clan. For Players, just spend time exploring Falkreath Hold is not enough because the Falkreath’s defenses are breached. If you want to stay you need to defense it with your  companions. It really a hard task.


Features In NHL 18 Has Been A Great Integration

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Features in NHL 18 has been a great integration, in effect, it’s one of the most incredible and fascinating features that NHL ever came up in recent years. Fans really appreciated that features and they want to see more of it in the upcoming games too. Cheap NHL 18 Coins are available for purchase at U4GM.

NHL 18

Greater diversity in NHL 18′s presentation would help to enhance its longevity and cut out the annoyances that plague it at present. Of course, it’s not just about variation. The game’s atmosphere needs to feel more alive in general, particularly in the playoffs.

If you’re a newcomer to the series, you probably haven’t noticed this. However, long-term veterans have been dealing with many of the same cutscenes, camera angles and commentary for the past few seasons, and more variety is desperately needed. Whether you’re playing an NHL playoff, minor league, or World Cup of Hockey game, it all feels just a bit too similar.

According to prediction, NHL 18 is easy since EA has been following a pattern of releasing a new version of the game in series. Every year new game releases in September month with lots of new features, so it very much expected NHL 18 will be released in September 2017.

The latest update is soon expected to release and fans are trying to bring into the notice of developers all their important suggestions they want to see in the new game. Today, we list some players wishlist for NHL 18 features. For further reading of NHL 18 News & Guides, keep following on: https://www.u4gm.com/nhl-18.

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The upcoming update “Horns of the Reach” brings some adjustments and changes to the basic game in the game. Guilds, crafts and other areas are improved.


Updates Of The Basic Game

On the official Elder Scrolls Online site the developers have now published a small blog article, which deals with the upcoming adaptations, following you can read them.

The DLC player expansion “Horns of the Reach” will be released together with Update 15 on August 14th on PC / Mac and on August 29th on PlayStation 4 / Xbox One. Update 15 brings you a bunch of free gameplay updates, bug fixes and additions. Read our next preview, if you want to learn more about the basic game enhancements in Update 15!



Settings For Combat

With the settings in the game, you can now also adjust the Combat Cues, which makes you see the display in the colors you prefer. This setting should be especially helpful if you are having trouble distinguishing certain colors from the game, but you can freely customize the Combat Cues for both allies and enemies, including color and brightness.

To adjust the combat hints, go to Settings, select Gameplay, and look for Combat Cues and Custom Colors in the Combat category.

Alliance Points And Writ Voucher In The Bank

If you are a passionate PvP player or master crafter, you can now store your Alliance Points and Writ Vouchers in your bank. This means that you can share AP as well as Writ Vouchers with all the characters of your account. To store the items, go to the banker of your trust and use the Deposit Currency option. Note, however, that as a result of transferring Alliance Points, characters do not rise in their Alliance Rank and thus do not receive any progress for the Alliance War Skill Lines.

In a similar way, you can also withdraw Alliance Points or Writ Vouchers from the Withdraw Currency option at any time.

Guild Rank


Invite History

Guild management has been improved and there is now an addition of guild invite history function. This is how Guildmasters and ordinary members see who has invited who, what should help larger guilds to get a better overview.

Just open the Guild menu, select the tab with the History, and there the Roster for members.

New Guild Rank Permission

In addition, new rights have been added for guild ranks, which allow Guildmasters to determine if guild members can see how much gold is currently in the guild bank. Thus, guilds can keep their finances secret or reveal them – as desired.

We know that this is something that many guilds have wished for, which is why we are happy to offer you this at last. Guild leaders can view the new right gold in the Guild’s Ranks menu via their menu to the View Guild Bank Gold.

Research Cancelling


Research Cancelling

Have you ever wished you could cancel some crafting research, rather than concentrate on another? Now you can! You can now immediately and without any major hurdles ongoing analysis procedures break off in the middle. Please note, however, that you will not be able to recover the item used for the analysis process, so choose this option carefully!

To cancel some currently-in-progress research, use a Crafting Station and navigate to the Research menu, find the item you wish to cancel, select Cancel Research, and finally confirm. You will then be able to research a different Trait!

Improvements For Equipped Items

You do not have to drop items to improve them. With Update 15, you can also improve equipped items directly. You will find them, just like items from your inventory, directly in the improvements crafting menu.

If you play on PC / Mac, the respective items are highlighted with a checkmark. If you’re on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you’ll find them in the “Equipped” section. Whenever you are in need of gold to make the journey of getting new items smoothly, ESO-GOLD must be your best choice. We offer cheap ESO gold for sale with reasonable price, fast delivery and best services!

NHL 18 Is Making It Easier Than Ever To Play With Your Friends

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EA SPORTS NHL 18 was unveiled at Electronic Arts, at the 2017 NHL Awards and NHL Expansion Draft, Connor McDavid was confirmed as the cover athlete on the game’s cover, he said that he can’t wait to play NHL 18, be sure to keep an eye on U4GM, we’ll be updating with any new information, you can also go to website to know more.

NHL 18

“There’s a huge shift in the sport of hockey right now, where a new generation of young players are bringing more speed, skill and creativity to the game than we’ve ever seen.” Said Sean Ramjagsingh, Lead Producer, NHL 18. NHL 18 is available worldwide on September 15, 2017 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

NHL 18 is also making it easier than ever to play with or against friends, creating more than 64 ways to team up and play on the couch or online, and bringing co-op play to more modes including Hockey Ultimate Team, Online Versus and NHL THREES. Fans should expect a more complete look at the game’s upcoming features and more. For full details, visit here: https://www.u4gm.com/nhl-18.

Players can experience the all-new NHL THREES and more in NHL 18 first by registering for public Beta now. The Beta begins July 25, 2017 and will include three modes: NHL THREES, EA SPORTS Hockey League, and Online Versus. NHL THREES brings the speed and excitement of 3-on-3 hockey to the game.

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The NBA 2K18 Nintendo Switch will support amiibo. To unveil it is the Japanese Nintendo store.


As you can see at this address, under the cover, the word “Amiibo” appears under the heading “Functionality”. It is still not clear which Nintendo statuettes will be supported or whether an ad hoc line will be created, as well as what bonus or other features will be available after using the collectibles.

NBA 2K18 will be released on September 15, including for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Remember to buy cheap NBA 2K18 MT on U4NBA to help you collect the players you want for your team.

Exclusive NHL 18 Video: The NHL 18′s New Mode

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NHL 18 Threes mode is NHL 18′s brand new mode, and this mode is also often discussed. Gamers can be allowed to join together online or on the couch to take on another team of 3 in a smaller than regulation size rink. Gamers believe deep down that the developers of NHL 18 definitely took a step in the right direction adding more new elements to the game.

NHL 18

The new NHL 18 Threes mode add some arcade-like wrinkles to tradional hockey gameplay, moreover, Shacknews recently had our hands-on NHL 18 and this was definitely our favorite part of the game. Now, please take a look at this exclusive 40 minute gameplay marathon of NHL Threes captured on a PS4 Pro.

At the beginning of the game, the host selects the total goals required to win the game. If at the end of the game neither team has won, the teams just keep squaring off in new periods. Another gameplay mechanic is the Money Puck which takes two goals away from the opposing team when you score. More details and videos can be watched at U4GM, reference from here.

More and more gamers jump into the NHL games every few years to get some of the major updates. NHL Threes is all action with no offsides, no icing and every penalty sends you straight to center-ice for a penalty shot and the chance to earn a crucial goal. Welcome to U4GM, not only can enjoy fantastic and exclusive videos, but also buy Cheap NHL 18 Coins.

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Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Online Studios have announced that The Elder Scrolls Online players can now pack their bags to travel to Vvardenfell. It arrived on June 6, 2017, when the Morrowind expansion is available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The island of Vvardenfell promises more than 30 hours of adventure in a completely new place in The Elder Scrolls Online. In this new area players will have to assume the role of heroes to help Vivec, warrior poet and Vardenman of Vvardenfell, whose goal is to save the world from a dahedral threat. This new chapter is set about 700 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls III.


In addition to the new territory, the largest to date according to ZeniMax Online Studios, Morrowind also features a brand new player class and a new PvP mode. For the company it is a “perfect starting point for new players and also a great opportunity for veterans to continue their journey”, as Vvardenfell is suitable for all levels.

The new class is the Warden (Guardian), which controls a powerful natural magic that can be customized with a number of abilities to fit the game style of each. If the magic is not enough it will also have the help of the Bear of War, always ready to cover the backs of the Warden. The new PvP mode is located in Ashlands and will allow you to face other players in 4v4v4 battles in sand-like environments.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will be available in four editions: Standard Edition (59.99 euros), Upgrade Edition (39.99 euros), Digital Collector’s Edition (79.99 euros) and Collector’s Edition (99.99 euros). Regardless of which is reserved, you will have access to various virtual objects such as experience scrolls (50% more for two hours), Warden attire, a pet (non-combat) or treasure maps to find Vvardenfell rewards.

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We present today a new tool that appeared on Albion Online with the release just a week ago: the Character Builder. Look for the best equipment builds and share yours with the community.

This new feature allows you to compose combinations of equipment with the different elements (boots, helmet, jacket, weapon …) of all levels at your disposal! You can even share your best creations with the community and add detailed explanations written or video.

group build.fw

With the Character Builder you will have the opportunity to:

Create a solo build: You are what you wear, so optimize your unique build of solo equipment that will define your role.

Create a group build: Find the best group synergy for 3, 5, 10 or 20 players by combining the solo characters already created.

Share articles: An “Article” tab allows you to view and share articles on all topics related to Albion Online, from managing your farm to the best GvG tactics. A good way to enjoy the experience and knowledge of other players.

Discover all the creations classified by categories and popularity and vote for your favorite builds.

These various tools are accessible to all to the reading and the sharing but it is necessary to have an access to the game in order to post there his own creations.

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With new creative invasion control commands and new defense skill stick, EA SPORTS NHL 18 brings the creativity of today’s young NHL players into the game. You can make the most out of all the possible EA SPORTS NHL sports games with multiplayer options for collaborative gaming and competitive gaming. Gamers are easier to buy Cheap NHL 18 Coins at U4GM.

NHL 18

3-on-3 Hockey

NHL THREES was included the game, which is a bold new version of fast paced and extreme 3 vs 3 hockey action. This new arcade gaming experience inspired by hockey experience has a faster spin, more intense taps and a great action that is easy to jump into.

Campaign Mode
EA SPORTS NHL THREES includes a complete single-player campaign where you compete against different teams and leagues in a circuit-like journey. Edisty campaign and open your goals based on goals – including new teammates, logos and even some surprises.

Expanding Up To New NHL
Build in the seat mode the whole NHL new belief with the new expansion reserve feature that lets you create and save the 32nd NHL team and change the league. Run an authentic extension to select the best players from the entire league, build a unique set up, take on the main role and manage teams, business, and matches.

Above mentioned three features is merely part of among many features, including also best possible local cooperation, complete functions, play your own rules and more. Play a fast, arcade 3-to-3 NHL Threes mode or create your own NHL team with a new players’ draft. New creative attacks give you full control to make the moves and fins that make the young superstars of today’s NHL. Further information in relation to NHL 18, reference from here.