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After composing the soundtrack for The Elder Scrolls Online, Brad Derrick re-enacted this year by bringing to life the excellent extension Morrowind. The original creations mingle with the tones of the game of 2002, imagined by Jeremy Soule.

In a recent article on its website, Bethesda Softworks tells us that the soundtrack of TESO Morrowind is available in digital; You can get an overview on Spotify. Brad Derrick, the composer, describes a process of about six months where the challenge is to meet the expectations of the connoisseurs of the saga while infusing something new and unique.

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Mu Legend is the most refined closed beta, the overall feel of the game is very good, the graphics, combat, item drops, character progression, class skills, dailies, rifts and monsters. The UI is smooth, the music is surprisingly good and the boss fights are interactive and fun but not overwhelming. Fun details and more newest graphics, news, reference to here.

Mu Legend

The game doesn’t share the friends list between characters. The game allows the players to skip quest/cutscene events that aren’t core storyline, but forces players to watch storyline events. Pressing Enter responds to the last whisper instead of sending a whisper to the last person sent to. This can be a big problem when you’re talking with a player and somebody else whispers you during the middle of the conversation.

The only thing missing from this game is a day/night cycle, but the reason for omitting such a feature may be to ensure zones consistently have the same look and feel when players are in them. The ragdoll physics are solid as the broken bodies of your slain enemies fly through the air and even impact on world objects or fall off cliffs. Animations are smooth and fluid while particles are average.

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Boom Beach is a combat strategy game from the developers Supercell. The graphics of Boom Beach are great, gamers can attack enemy bases to free enslaved islanders and unlock the secrets of this tropical paradise. Create a Task Force with players around the world to take on the enemy together. How to attack enemy bases? The following are some guides and tips, and if you want to learn more, recommend you visit here.

 Boom Beach

If you want to attack a base you first you need to destroy your opponent’s gun bout, after that you need to destroy the base but what would be more better for the defense would be engineers and some soldiers to reload the defenses. That would be kwel also some nuclear submarines to support the gun bout. That would be awesome, and also it would be better to customized your gun bout and also customize your character and also decorations.

Like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach sees players Building a base designed to create units and defend your territory, but has a modern war theme compared to Clash of Clans tribal setting. Like both of Supercell’s previous two games, Boom Beach features numerous opportunities to purchase items, gamers have chance to visit official website to get cheap Boom Beach diamonds.

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Albion Online, the MMORPG of Sandbox Interactive, presents today in more details of the Guardians, robust and dangerous creatures that inhabit the red and black areas.


Who are they? Why do they exist?

They are the real protectors of Albion, created and become stronger than any other form of life thanks to the ancient magic and power of the earth of which they are now the fervent defenders.

  • Exploitation of resources: like other creatures they turn into a spot of resources after their death, which will then allow you to harvest 2,560 resources of Tier 6.
  • Where to find them: they appear randomly in the red and black zones on the vast territories of resources T6. Once defeated, their reappearance takes between 12 and 48 hours. Sharpen your hunting skills and stalk them!
  • Fighting: Each Protector requires a very special raid organization but it is advisable to go there in groups of ten. Damage will be minimized if your group are too numerous. Likewise, it will be necessary to be fast and organized because after fifteen minutes of fight, the fury wins them and they then become much more powerful.

Old White (Hide)

The Ancient White is a massive white mammoth spiritually connected to all mammoths that have lived in the past and will live in the future. It can be found in a cave of Tier 6 Hide Dens in the Steppe biome. Considered to be the weakest Guardian, he is surrounded by many other creatures, including the aggressive Terrorbirds.

Old White

  • Hitpoints: 904,849
  • Auto-attack damage: 3,000 (physical) to everyone in front of Old White.
  • Avalanche: Old White uses its trunk to throw a number of rocks. Everyone hit will receive 2,750 magic damage and be knocked back 15 meters.
  • Spirit Stampede: The massive mammoth gets on its hind legs and brings down a stampede of three spirit mammoths that damage everyone in their path, dealing 3,750 magic damage and knocking them back 15 meters.

Ancient Ent (Wood)

The Ancient Ent is a giant spiritual tree that can be found in Tier 6 Tree Groves in the Forest biome. With his Piercing Roots spell, you will have to coordinate with your allies to hope to come out in one piece.

Ancient Ent

  • Hitpoints: 922,591
  • Auto-attack damage: 2,892 (physical)
  • Piercing Roots: Thorny branches sprout under every player, appearing every 1.3 seconds for a total of 8 times. Avoid them, or you will not only receive 1,250 physical damage, but will also receive 375 damage over time for every time you got hit. With these nasty branches appearing everywhere, you have to be extra careful not to run into a teammate’s path!
  • Nasty Roots: The Ent rampages on the ground, rooting and dealing damage to the tank and nearby players. Every tick deals 1,000 magic damage, with a total of 10 ticks. This spell can only be interrupted with the Interrupt skill!

Rock Giant (Rock)

Rock Giant

Present in Tier 6 Rock Outcrops, in the Highlands biome, the Rock Giant is the only Guardian that fights at a distance.

  • Hitpoints: 878,236
  • Auto-attack damage: Ranged attack, 3,750 physical damage to everyone hit.
  • Earthquake: The Rock Giant lets out a tremendous roar, after which it starts stampeding the ground, hitting everyone in a 20 meter radius for 2,500 physical damage. If you are 10 meters or less away from the Giant when he starts stampeding, you will be hit for an additional 6,250 damage! Once hit, you get knocked back 28 meters.
  • Rock Prison: All players with a ranged or magical weapon are trapped in a prison of rocks, stunning them completely. Damage the rocks to get them out fast, as they will receive 500 true damage (meaning armor is ignored) every 3 seconds (for a total of 15 seconds). Everyone who is within 1 meter radius of the rock prisons receives the same amount of damage.
  • Giant Kick: The Rock Giant kicks the main tank, massively reducing the already generated threat. On top of that, the target and everyone in a 3 meter radius around the target receives 2,500 physical damage and is knocked back 15 meters.

Enormous Dryad (Fiber)

You can find the Enormous Dryad in the Swamps of T6 Fiber Meadows.

Enormous Dryad

  • Hitpoints: 860,494
  • Auto-attack damage: 3,818 (physical)
  • Eroding Swamp: Initially dealing 2,500 magic damage, it also places a deadly debuff on its target. M speed is reduced by 20% for 20 seconds, threat generation is reduced by 10% for 20 seconds and it deals 250 damage per second for a total of 19 ticks, for each stack of the debuff. Consider bringing multiple tanks!
  • Pulsing Thorns: Spiky thorns spiral around the Dryad, in an outwards direction. When hit, you will be silenced for 15 seconds and suffer 1,250 magic damage every 3 seconds, for a total of 6 ticks. Especially healers should be very wary of this skill!
  • Double Cleave: All players in front of the Dryad receive 2,500 magic damage. This attack has a range of 15 meters!

Ore Colossus (Ore)

Ore Colossus

The Ore Colossus can be found near the Tier 6 Ore Veins in the mountains. His devastating Punch and Crystal Swarm can quickly put your adventure in jeopardy.

  • Hitpoints: 895,978
  • Auto-attack damage: none (no auto-attack)
  • Giant’s Punch: The Colossus slams his fist into the ground, dealing 3,800 physical damage to the tank and will inflect them with Crystal Resonance. This debuff pulls players closer to the tank every 8 seconds for 4 ticks, with more stacks of Crystal Resonance increasing its range by 5 meter (maximum of 5 stacks). On top of that, the Giant’s Punch has a 50% chance of spawning four exploding crystal in a straight line, with each explosion dealing 3,000 damage.
  • Crystal Swarm: Every player in a 30 meter radius around the Ore Colossus receives a crystal bomb. This crystal explodes after 2.5 seconds, dealing 3,000 magic damage to its target and everyone within 4 meters. Spread out, if you want to stay alive!

Giant’s Punch has only 3 seconds of recharge, so it can be considered the Auto-attack of this Guardian.

The game will be released on July 17 on Android, PC, Mac and Linux. You can find all our Albion Online game guides on UpAlbion. To join the adventure of Albion, go to the official site of the game.

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When Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn released in 2013, and met with widespread praise. 2015′s Heavensward is the game’s first expansion pack. It main introduced new storylines, character classes and areas to explore. However, another major expansion Stormblood is now on the way.

Final Fantasy XIV

Matter of factly, the new expansion Stormblood is coming, to be exact, it soon to be launched on tomorrow. Just like Yoshida elaborated, they are introducing two new job classes, the Samurai and the Red Mage. These have been requested so much the fans and everybody has been anticipating those jobs, so that’s something they’re very excited about.

On Friday, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’s Early Access phase kicked off, for more, check out more here. But, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is having some Early Access teething problems. Owing to a huge number of gamers currently playing Stormblood, as a result of that, the servers continue to experience a large amount of stress.

The second problem should be emphasized that gamers leaving or disconnecting during the Susano Primal fight weren’t able to log back into their characters. Specifically, the particular issue seems to have been caused by gamers using an emote before the fight. In conclusion, gamers have highly expectation for the new expansion. Gamers have been considering about how to acquire Final Fantasy XIV Gil with ease, and you?

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It’s a known fact that Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels, it is the latest expansion for Forza Horizon 3. Now, and is available exclusively on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. Beside that the launch of the Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels expansion, we are glad to know that numerous critical improvements included in the Windows 10 PC version of the game were also announced. Gamers doesn’t know where to buy forza-horizon-3-credits? U4GM is the best place.

Forza Horizon 3

Available either as part of the Forza Horizon 3 Expansion Pass, or as a standalone purchase, Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels will transport you to a new Australian locale, where orange tracks spiral and loop into the air and iconic Hot Wheels cars come to life.

According to official news: some additional graphical options were added to improve framerate for those playing on lower specification PCs. These include:

World Car Level of Detail now has a Very Low option
Dynamic Geometry Quality now has a Very Low option

In addition, Forza Horizon 3, some main changes is worth mentioning. To name a few, above mentioned PC update Improvements and more graphical options. Expanded driving wheel support, improved CPU performance, updated thread model as well as updated minimum specification. If you want to learn more and click here to get more details.

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It would seem that people have less and less time for hours of sitting in front of the computer. The same can be said about the popularity of MMORPGs, which at one time belonged to the most popular positions, but now really counts only some of the biggest titles. One of them is the Elder Scrolls Online, set in a universe created by Bethesda. Its recent development can be attributed to the recent release of the latest addition to Morrowind, where we get to the land known from the third part of the Elder Scrolls series. ZeniMax Studios is not going to slow down, and during the upcoming E3 show, they presented two more DLCs, entitled Horns of the Reach and Clockwork City. What else can we expect in the coming months?

In spite of the recent release of the Elder Scrolls Online add-on, we are already working on another DLC for this MMO – Horns of the Reach and Clockwork City.


The Bethesda conference at E3 was packed with quite a bit of information on the Elder Scrolls Online. The first one was praising the number of players who bought the game. At that point, more than 10 million were done at this point, which is extremely good, even given the fact that the title is available on every major platform – PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The debilitating influence on the sale was certainly the recent release of Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, an add-on that brought a lot of content to this already expanded game. As it turns out, ZeniMax studio does not mind slowing down and yet this year plans to add additional content to its MMO, as two DLCs – Horns of the Reach and Clockwork City. The first of them is to offer two new dungeons – Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold, which can be known primarily to players as one of the cities in Skyrim.


In addition, you should expect new items, monsters and achievements that we will be able to acquire. As for Clockwork City, players will be given their title “City of Watches” in which they will face Daedric powers. This story is supposed to provide up to 10 hours of gameplay. Of course, these are not the only news we can expect in Elder Scrolls Online in the coming months.

In addition to the above-mentioned DLC, the Elder Scrolls Online also has a large free update. It contains a new map to PvP – Arcane University and a new PvP ruleset – Chaos Ball game. In addition, players will be given their new homes, items for their decor, equipment changing the look of the character or new events and packages of crowns. Almost all of these extras are to be available to everyone.

The exception is the new Battlegrounds, which will only be available to those who purchase Morrowind. New content has not yet received an official release date, but rumors are expected this year. It is unfortunate that Bethesda has not started work on the Elder Scrolls VI yet, but it is nice to see that they have not decided to abandon such a big project as the Elder Scrolls Online, and we can count on new content all the time.

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The Sandbox-MMORPG Albion Online is about to be released. Before the start publish the developers but still a comprehensive update.

On July 17, the Albion Online MMORPG will be officially launched. Currently, the developers are still working on additional features and optimizations to make the start as comfortable as possible and the release version to a round game. This also includes the Hector update, which is played before the launch of the MMORPG.

Hector now

This update includes Transport Mammoths as new mounts. You can ride on the primordial animals through the game world and you will surely draw all the glances on the back of the furry beasts on you. In addition, the Destiny Board has been revised to track your progress in the game. Further Solo Dungeons with more demanding opponents are to spice up the PvE. If you are new player, you can find your way around the game faster. New Hellgates, the Black Market and many other things are also introduced.

The developers explain that Albion Online with the Hector update is as the launch version will be. Until the release in July, the team will only take care of bugfixing and optimizations. Further features and major changes are only to come into play with updates, which work after the release of the MMORPG.

The Hector update has been played on the June, 7th. If you are already in the beta of Albion Online on the road, then you experience the game now.

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Madden NFL 18 released a new trailer on last weekend, we have to say that it is a wonderful trailer whether from the visual or auditory effects to evaluate. Moreover, EA sports add some story plot to Madden NFL 18, so a lot of fans express that Madden NFL 18 must be more interesting than bfore.



The story mode in Madden NFL 18 called Longshot which tells a story, the story is a star player called Devin Wade was forgotten as a background. He is a former college star, do not know the reasons for the case, he returned to the network. Then he follow the Wade as he tries to shoot in the NFL stardom and hear his name for the NFL draft day.

It is the first time EA sports have ever add story plot to Madden game, they said they want to add more interesting and funny things to Madden NFL 18. Thus breaking the boring rules of the game before, so that everyone can become the protagonist of their own game. And show the situation as they expected, many players are very like this update, said they are looking forward to be able to experience Madden 18 as soon as possible.

But you have to prepare for the new game before it launched, because we will need a lot Madden NFL 18 coins to buy more valuable player cards and to build good team, so they have more chance to win in new game.

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It’s glad to know that Final Fantasy XIV the second expansion Stormblood will be released on next week, it brings new job changes and more new content, including a number of changes are being implemented with PvP as well. More new expansion content and details, recommend you visit here.


A Number Of Changes Are Being Implemented With PvP

No more stuns in PvP
Sleep potency reduced
PvP attributes are determined and normalized by role
Gear no longer effects performance and is for glamour only
The melee directional requirements have been removed from all skills
Level restrictions removed so that any job over level 30 can participate
Combos are now consolidated into one button to free up space on the hotbar
PvP will now only allow 9 actions per job with two selectable actions and the adrenaline rush limit break

Job Changes
Part of the team’s effort for Stormblood has been to eliminate skill “bloat” that most notably came as a result of cross-class actions. With Stormblood, players will instead choose from Role Based Actions and be able to equip up to five abilities at a time. To make figuring out jobs a bit easier, a new interface called a “Gauge” specific to each class. It gives a more visual presentation of abilities and other useful information.

Stat changes are incoming, as well as the removal of some that may cause a few raised eyebrows: Parry is being removed and replaced with Tenacity that increases damage dealt and will only be available for Tanks. Accuracy is also being removed and replaced with Direct Hit and will be available for DPS. Block works from different angles rather than just in front.

According to the developer of Final Fantasy XIV, the game developer team is hoping for “Final Fantasy XIV” to have a very long lifespan, which means there is a chance. They believed deep down that Final Fantasy XIV is a truly successful gameplay.