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Cloud gaming
Of all the constituent elements of a video game, the skybox is one of the most tragically overlooked. Probably because it doesn’t traditionally come with explosions or lasers or boobs, or any of that other ‘exciting’ stuff. And that’s a damn shame. Because while essentially just one giant wraparound texture used to give the illusion that a game exists in a big wide world, the skybox is capable of far more than simply stopping multiplayer maps from trailing off into abstract blackness.

A smart skybox can do a lot of great stuff. It can add serious atmospheric weight to a game. It can build emotional or narrative subtext. It can guide the player better than any in-game map and it can even provide hints about a game’s sequel long before the current one is even done with. Seriously, these things are way cooler than you think. We can prove it. Click on and we’ll do just that. 

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