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According to the United Kingdom the mirror reported the latest Premier League Manchester United midfield star di Maria said in an interview inthe latest, Manchester United despite buybacks Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo’s will is very strong, but impossible for Ronaldo to return toOld Trafford.

In the last 3 seasons, United have been doing on buy-backs Ronaldoeffort, despite Sir Alex Ferguson had retired, but United executivescontinue to believe that Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s mostappealing star and his technical abilities are unparalleled, Portugalif people could return to Manchester United, whether in commercial ortechnical and tactical level, Manchester United is able to bring largebenefits. According to the Sun newspaper’s view, for successful buy-back Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester, intends to spend up to 200 millionpounds to complete the acquisition.
But Manchester United Star di Maria has denied the existence of such apossibility, he said in an interview this week: “I believe Ronaldocould not come back to Manchester United, due to his current situation,wants to leave Real Madrid (data) is very, very difficult thing. NowRonaldo at Real Madrid was in the ascendant, he is enjoying the bestyears of my career, I don’t see he has a willingness to want to change.”

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