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The first phase of key words: don’t let big strange of WOW Gold melee don’t let take death gangrene little strange melee (I anyway is not let a little strange melee out small blame directly make sprout fat! Go 0.0) on the intention of the selected P2 where outer ring monsters throw a method array (method array position the P2 turn P3 approach position too close) on link directly up beat!

P1 only to have the pressure is dead gangrene and parasitic first say die gangrene die gangrene is about 7 w5 1 jump was point one jump and jump to turn to small blame me (because we wood have dispelled, 15 seconds die gangrene 5 seconds 1 jump elementary school with the toe arithmetic can know is 3 jumped 0.0) as long as dead gangrene appear immediately in the first top circle 1 then slowly close to the small blame the 2 down by the blood of ashes fill up if pressure big dead to tie ah lingering ah sugar! Let’s go the battle, the pressure here don’t save skills and then die gangrene will jump to small blame, as long as the guarantee no small blame melee die gangrene finally won’t jump on you in the said parasitic very simple save ashes are embodied in here don’t mean to go back to return to! Then all kinds of skills are open to the P1, DPS is not confident will steal medicine water anyway P1 is faster than the better! PS: in my big cunning before operation can trap the shadow?
The second stage: DBM prompt fast into the P2 will begin to outer ring moved as long as see LK ran to the midfielder don’t hesitate to command sprout fat to field his way go off sprout fat at (prevent taunt CD command sprout heavier when soul with a little strange melee then face bad you know sin death gangrene) but don’t be too close to sprout fat to prevent the evil death gangrene ah then can rain of fire small strange how this time hatred must return the completed the = to soul out hand make sprout fat at the outbreak of the past have skills and then open it rain of fire disaster are ashes or are best left to h. unless four ashes from the soul with silence to prevent udun BIU hockey god horse not much said the earth the person all know…

The third stage: comes into play see clearly and wood have ice hockey oh close or be play down dead cry behind basic is sent by playing down! What a pity that we didn’t guarantee the hockey now if there are soul whale in LK close to sprout fat before killing them because once LK close to sprout fat we April link because to want to eat to prevent BB dig a ray ah in sprout fat fast no or DBM prompt dig a ray fast out eat sprout fat it (poor fat 0.0) if eat sprout fat and lost soul well the method of observing the law battle array! Open distance to 1 wave also kill the undead kite! Pray don’t be silent dust don’t use P3 didn’t BB LK object or a little bit painful in + the parasitic and clean off the soul is hiding pollution milk parasitic on me before it is cunning operation pollution clouds ah again this stage blood line pressure great skills the lost is lost!!!!!! Spell!!!!!!!

The fourth stage: with P2 is better than P2 simple because didn’t bring death gangrene little strange DBM prompt turn fast stage or ran to the outer ring near as long as LK ran to the midfielder immediately call sprout fat (god horse? You want to use dust raised sprout fat? Personal Suggestions don’t even if you blood line security can also leave to play the soul from the soul! This time there have some time to summon a completely is not a problem) then and P2 the same

The fifth stage: careless finally to the last stage victory goddess in waved to us! This stage only despicable soul more pressure or an ash it every into sword can play a few dozen several it anyway, forty seconds (or 1 min) will transfer out whether diamond or field into the soul of man will see the blood line dangerous the ashes it skills leave 1 2 = to LK20 % blood below the decisive dark burning blood line dangerous open skills but had better leave a ashes in case… PS: this stage with no dig a ray sprout fat can need not eat… 

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