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Posted: 6th March 2014 by sky shine in WOW powerleveling
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In World of Warcraft, Boooooo another useless WOW powerleveling racial. And I thought the pandaren one was bad. The people that dislike leveling will probably resort to RAF or the boost to 90. I won’t be buying the boost and I do not want these stupid exp racials. Give us something fun. And at least sort of useful after the grind to 100.

Here I can think of a couple right now for you to replace the pandaren and this terrible troll one.

Meditation(Pandaren): Ponder your place in the world forĀ  a moment(30sec)- Increased health and mana regen for the duration. Can’t move or cast abilities while channeling. Channel is broken if damaged. (at least 1) min CD.
Could make it not usable in PvP
Like a Potion of Focus only scale to level
Make it enough to be useful but not OP(duh)

Hmm trolls are a bit trickier without making it OP. A headbutt for females and skewer for the males came to mind but they really don’t need a stun. Also would be annoying like the pandaren one. HHmmmm indeed. Stubborn pops up. Trolls really dislike shoes even though they do not have hooves. +% movement speed for losing the shoes? Not bad. Let’s go with…

Voodoo Shuffle V2.0(Troll): Passive boost remains the same. On use: You fell over while flippin’ out. 10 yards to the left or right randomly. (30sec-2 min CD?).

You know what I’d probably rather have the Stubborn +% movement speed myself. Flippin to the left or right sounds like too much when used on a troll mage with blinks.

Stubborn(Troll):You don’t like shoes and they don’t like you. GOOD. +%movement speed for ditching those ugly shoes. You didn’t want them anyway.

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