About we offer WOW powerleveling

Posted: 5th May 2014 by sky shine in Other Games
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You could read more about our WOW powerleveling services. Our site is www.wow4powerleveling.com.

WOW Power Leveling Pricing

We know some WOW stores sell power leveling at a very very cheap price. Apparently, It’s appealing! Thinking of that: why we sell leveling 1-90 (WOW power level) more than $150 while others sell “the same thing” at $79.99? Are they crazy for attracting customer? Or are we crazy for high profits? Not all of them, the answer is we are selling different things. Once again, the services of WOW power leveling here is made manually. Each players of WOW should treasure the environment of game!

Acceptable Payment Solution

Currently, PayPal, Google Checkout and Moneybookers are all accepted! If you would like to pay with other methods, please let us know. We will consider to support it if most of customers prefers.

Bear in mind that your order should be accepted first after you have paied it, as our system has the ability to combat with online frauds. It is a fast process for most honest buyers (5-10 minutes). That’s a rule could be used for all of orders, gold, power leveling, accounts or game cards.

How long will my character be started for power leveling

A good question! Once your payment has been checked, we take action to your WOW character instantly, such as check the password your submitted. You will be informed if there is any issue about your WOW account information. And then we start to assign the expert for the power level of your character. It always be done in 24 hours. Please be notice we are talking about the starting point of your power leveling orders, each order should has its own power leveling period.

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