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The Galahad update, for Albion online, is out now a month. Sandbox interactive reviews the situation and, as seen previously, is rather pleased with the result. Today, they provide us with fairly eloquent figures on some of Albion’s subjects. Of these, where did you participate?


212,815 Founders, spread over more than 164 countries, having spent a total of 2,804,864 hours on Albion (equivalent to 116,869 days).
124,179 pvp kills and 850,811 rabbit kills.
511,744,173 harvested resources including 13,148,279 carrots.
178,477 buildings built and 116,669 sword T1 crafted.
180,644 expeditions finished.

Far from understanding the most important statistics of the game, these are the favorites of the developers. So I’m going to keep collecting my carrots for the Cooldown guild before the rabbits are stealing them!┬áBy the way, if you want to make albion online gold quicker for your game? If you do, you can visit UPAlbion to have more guides and methods about this.

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