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After more than five years in development, the Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online by the developer and publisher Sandbox Interactive has been officially playable since today. It is very proud of the developer to finally publish the game finally and thank the community.

This has been involved in the development of the sandbox MMO in recent years with a lot of helpful feedback during the numerous alpha and beta tests. This is shared by Sandbox Interactive via press release and Reddit.

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Albion Online: When can you play?

To counter the massive onslaught on the server on the launch day and to reward the players who have invested more money in the game, Sandbox Interactive has chosen a staggered launch system.

When you get access to the servers depends on the size of the package you purchased. A detailed listing of when Albion Online is launched in other time zones, and information on the prizes and content of each package can be found on the official game site.

  • Legendary Starter and Founder Pack: July 17, 15:00
  • Epic Starter and Founder Pack: July 18, 15:00
  • Veteran Starter and Founder Pack: July 19, 15:00

What is Albion Online?

Albion Online is a buy to play sandbox MMORPG, in which players have many freedoms. There is no fixed quest or class system. Who or what you are is largely defined by your equipment. Furthermore it is completely free to the players, whether they are more the PvE or PvP aspect of the game – or do not even want to fight.

All trade in the world of Albion Online is powered by the players. Only what was previously produced is sold. Without a good armor and weapon, the best player is not even half as good. Without an accommodation and base, the coordination of a guild is put to the test.

Thus, the sandbox MMO is not just a game for PvE or PvP-loving players. Players who specialize in basic construction, intensive crafting and the pooling of different resources are also fundamental to the game’s economy.

Albion Online Is Not FreeTo Play

Albion Online is financed by a so-called soft subscription model (a paid subscription is necessary but not necessary) and an in-game shop.

It is remarkable that a subscription can be purchased not only with real money, but also exclusively with the currency in the game. An exact price for the currency can not be finalized because of the fluctuating value of the currency. Furthermore, it is possible to trade premium currency against normal cash.

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