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Posted: 15th December 2012 by admin in Other Games
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Since the “mists of Pandaren” was launched, it has been passed around 2 months.   again. As we know, most WOW players turned to Diablo 3, because it was launched by the same company, Blizzard, and it’s new. Its same beautiful screen as WOW, this cause the Diablo 3 gold is much expensive than at first. During the 2 months, as people to bring down the fever, Diablo 3 gold prices also fell down. This is normal; every new game will hot at the first few months but maybe can’t last for long time. People like new things, so many wow players change their minds to play Diablo 3. At this time, the “mists of Pandaren” of wow was launched. Many loyal players was back to play wow and they need WOW gold again. They need more gold to help them level the new class, Pandaren. Roll interface can be chose to open or closed now, in the chat box input “/pick up” can open the interface, and there will be a detailed list of Roll point. There are many changes after system 5.0.

For the law occupation, wand is now equal to the staff; it can only be equipped in the main hand wand, you cannot equipment the off-hand weapon after you equipped the magic wand. Magic wand’s damage has been strengthened; it is a very important weapon. For a hunter and other occupation, it can only be equipped with only one of melee and ranged weapons. You can exchange WOW gold to weapons. In 5.0 systems, there are two new PVP attribute added: PVP toughness and strength of PVP. Each game player with 40% based toughness, subjected to PVP damage will be reduced by 40%, and the PVP strength will increase the game player on the PVP target damage, increased damage to increase in proportion to. Creating the role of interface was substantially changed; you can get more and more WOW gold; in addition, the new interface also joined the character appearance system custom, custom color, face, hair style, hair color. Along with the new talent specialization system of joining, we are very familiar with the spell book also had the very big change. The new core skills and the latest changes. Mounts and pets are classed as a new interface. You can click on the bottom label switched mounts and pet list.

FF11 is the first network series combat game. The stage come a network world, players should be starting an adventurous journey with other players in the world. You need party with other players to kill the monster, at the meanwhile; you need to solve the puzzle. There are 32 servers in FFXI, but it was update last year and since that time, there are only 16 servers left. They mixed up some servers. The currency in Final Fantasy called FFXI gil. As a network version of “Final Fantasy”, the biggest feature lies in the existence of communicate with each other in game, and players can enjoy the adventure in a fantasy world with other human player. Player can use their ways to play this game. Play with your partner that cannot be replaced to complete the adventure story that belongs to you only. You can fish in game to make FFXI gil. It is not the same as the previous Final Fantasy Series, in Final Fantasy XI; the “role” is equal to the player’s avatar. Players can select their favorite race and gender, the structure of the face, body size and the type of the game wallpaper, then the players’ avatar was be made. There is only one of the roles that you created from in the world. FFXI is not only using the FF series familiar with the career system, different from other online games, FFXI create “random transfer system”. 1 Million FFXI gil can buy many things in game. A primary role can random transfer to any one of the total 18 career arbitrary, no longer limited to a certain one career. In addition to the main level, the role can also be choose one of the another 17 occupations as a deputy, that is there are 17X18=306 occupations in FFXI. The key of this game is communicative. 

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