At last i want to say to that slander person

Posted: 26th January 2013 by admin in Diablo 3
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I am an old player in Kazzak. ID: lonely concomitant and friends often call me “loneliness”.
Cause: one day, a QS in organization channel called “KLZ defends Q group, let’s DPS”, then my warriors asked whether we needed to response. He talked to me secretly “i need blackboard and ornament”. Then i checked his information and he is QS in a guild. I didn’t like his behaviors, so i found some members in his guild and exposed it. As a result, he held the grudge in his heart because of his black equipment intention couldn’t be satisfied.
Process: after 1 months of this issue, the warrior is named Red Metal, who spread rumors in trade channel. He was forced to quit the guild because during RAID, he asked all equipment. After he had all equipment, he didn’t get online or change little number.
Result: after he was kicked out from our guild, no guild would like to accept him, so he gave off his hate into the game and makes false pictures and rumors on the website.

I have asked GM and they all met this circumstance before. For personal, it is unimportant, but for WOW culture, it is a bad influence. Nowadays, the height of the spiritual civilization construction and social morality, there are still a lot of these dirty things. I want to ask what should we do when we meet these circumstances? WOW is also the same with other game, which is to reduce life pressure and entertainment. Everyone has their own game styles and the content should be healthy, but what the players bring is a portrayal of real life. You can talk freely in the game, but you should also obey moralities in the game. Though we couldn’t get material things in the game, it can enrich our spiritual world. It is also the charm of net game. I hope all players know that game is just game, which is a part of life and also a part of your life.

At last i want to say to that slander person to me, “i cherish my friends in guild, as they would like to follow me. I will never accept you, as your behavior makes me understand that you are a villain in real life and you don’t have friends in real life. No one would like to share happy fruits with you.”When the classical WOW alpha was testing, scholomance supposed to be an outdoor elite area, but designer did it so excellent, so they decide to make it as a copy.
At first, all shields are bucklers. Thief and hunter can use these bucklers. But later they changed all bucklers to shield and removed thief and hunter’s equip shield ability.
Hunter’s survival talent was melee tree and he has a tear skill. At level 60 can make less than 100 points hurt.
Priest’s discipline talent tree should be melee tree, that’s why heart fire adds attack strengthen.
The former dwarf could train mage.
Hunter used concentration value before.
Some careers’ talents add property as original digital way, but not connected with equipment/level.
There was no magic strengthen in the early age on the earth. It was not weird to see a 60 level mage only has less than 30 points hurt.Around new players village, the reason to gain a lot of cape properties’ same reason is the former cape had armor type. At the western coastal line of Stranglethorn Vale, there were two great islands, but they are removed already. If you could walk on the water or hike far enugh, you will reach these island and you will find you are in the area of the two island. There were a few task in Azshara, because the design is bad. When Blizzard realized, it was too late. They thought a lot of players hated this area, so they didn’t continue maintain it.The original design goal is there are 100 tasks in each alliance and tribe games.
When WOW was published, there was nearly no tasks in Silithus. Until TAQ battle, the patch was added.
In publishing, there are not a lot of tasks after 50 level, so players complain they have to kill monsters to upgrade level. Then Blizzard adds more tasks. 

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