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Banks: This is where you can store your items, and there are many throughout Runescape in different cities and places. People also sell and buy stuff at banks, so if you are looking for something and want to buy it off someone, then just go and ask at a bank, and if you want to, state a price you will pay. After a while you will get in the know of how much things should sell for. If you are not sure, look on the link at the bottom of this review for info. In free to play, there are a certain amount of bank spaces you can use, but you get the full space when you pay to play. You should make up a bank pin from the start of your game!

Children can play this game, and the majority of players are children. You must be at least 12. It is very safe for several reasons: Protects children from swear words, by blocking them all and even abbreviations. However people have found ways of typing out certain words.Teach them all about trading and money and skills. Report feature can be used by them if they want to report anyone else for being rude in language or actions or anything else. Teach them about real life things such as the skills featured in the game. I have learnt some stuff myself from playing this!

Well then go ahead! Runescape is a great game, the greatest free game online, but gets you addicted quick!  You can become the greatest, richest person in Runescape! Before you start, please read these tips: Don’t be worried, Runescape is pretty safe and the majority of people are nice who play it. Beware of any suspicious people, and if you feel the need you can report people for a variety of things such as their language, actions and more. THE REPORT feature really works! I know myself, as I have gotten warnings for some things i didn’t mean to do/say. You will get used to the great size of Runescape after a few weeks, and will be able to find yourself round. Until then, just ask people as a lot aren’t afraid to help you. Some may charge 100gp to give you a taxi to somewhere. 

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