Blizzard never launches an unpolished product

Posted: 11th December 2012 by admin in World of Wracraft
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Blizzard never launches an unpolished product. Seriously, it doesn’t. Right from the beginning Mists download time was almost an afterthought. It was super fast and easy because they had pre-loaded the content over the course of months. The game plays extremely well and smooth as silk. There are very few issues to worry about in any of the new content.

The zones are amazing and offer more hidden treasures than before adding even more to the clean expansion. Mists is like cleaning up a room in your house and then redecorating it with Feng Shui. It really moves well and adds a sense of newness to an eight year old game. This is definitely another area were Mists shines. If anything we should come to expect this from every Blizzard product that is put on the map. They honestly never launch a game that is “broken” except on minute levels.


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