Bungie: Destiny Player Progress Will Carry Over to Sequel

Posted: 11th December 2014 by sky shine in Destiny
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Any progress that players make in Destiny will carry over to the sequel, Bungie has confirmed.


In early November, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg confirmed that the Destiny sequel was already in development. Now, thanks to an IGN interview with Bungie Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague, we know that any progress you make in Destiny will carry over to the sequel.


“The idea is that the Guardian you have created is something you can bring along with you on that adventure. If you take a look at the way people have played other games for a long period of time, they’ve had a relationship with the same character for a very long time.”


While I’m still a little skeptical that we’ll see a Destiny follow-up anytime soon, the ability to carry your progress over to the next game is a nice touch. However, it could also run the risk of turning off players who are new to the series, who might feel like they’d be starting the sequel at a disadvantage. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


In the meantime, you can check out Destiny’s new Dark Below expansion, which launched yesterday.

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