Bungie Say Thanks To All Destiny Players

Posted: 27th November 2014 by sky shine in Destiny
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This week, Bungie is thankful for us Destiny players because we are passionate for Destiny’s The Dark Below.Here are some of Bungie’s speech.

From time to time, we become consumed by holidays that aren’t necessarily universal to our global community of ballistic ninjas. Thanksgiving is one of them. Whether or not you’re taking some time off work to gather with family and friends to redeem a bounty on an enormous bird, the themes of this occasion are relevant to us all.

Bungie Say Thanks To All Destiny Players

The fables of Thanksgiving contain similarities to the Destiny community, even if you have no plans to devour a feathered consumable. This weekend, we celebrate the arrival of weary travelers in a new world. We’ll express gratitude for surviving a harrowing journey. Looking to the future, we’ll toast our good fortune on a beachhead that we can build upon for generations to come.

As glasses are raised and winged things are carved, there will be a lot for which we can be thankful at Bungie:

We’re thankful for the millions of people who have played our game.

We’re thankful that you care enough about what happens in that brave new world to talk to us about it.

We’re thankful for the chance to expand on our shared adventure in the days to come.

We’re thankful for ascendant shards, exotic weapons, good friends, and covering fire in times of severe danger.

We’re thankful for everything that happened this year: the launches, world-firsts, the hard learnings, the updates, the forum chatter, and the moment when we gleefully surrendered complete and total control of our game to its rightful owners.

Bungie Say Thanks To All Destiny Players

We’re thankful that we can take a day or two off and see the people we missed while we were wrestling this new creation the ground, bundling it for mass consumption, and launching it out of a cannon.

Most of all, we’re thankful for you. Thanks for playing.

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