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In Path of Exile, currently encroaching darkness drops MUCH less than it used to, it was a lot of fun turning in these cards because there are lots of fun unique maps and getting these occasionally was an interesting and engaging break from the monotony of mapping and definitely wasn’t overpowered, since the good maps were pretty harshly weighted in the first place.

path of exile

Now this card is very scarce and hall of grandmasters farming has effectively been killed (along with the no loot dropping from exiles which still hasn’t been fixed). So, can we please have the old encroaching darkness drop rate back? Let’s take a look at the view of collectors of path of exile currency:

1. Drop rate changes are almost never mentioned in patch notes. They’ve only ever mentioned them in a few very specific cases.

2. I’m level 88 and still don’t have the recipe to beastcraft an unique map, and even if I did, the rate on which I would be finding the required beasts would probably be abysmal low. They did a really poor job if they thought nerfing Encroaching Darkness was necessary because of beastcrafting.

3. That actually happened to me too. I beat the beasts and then it didn’t give me a map. I was pretty upset.

4. I had this happen, but what was up was that one of the beasts was a plummeting ursa, and it never dropped onto the arena until I wandered into all of the little pens the beasts come out of.

5. Agreed. It feels like drop rates at this point are so diluted and low that I end up with tabs of hundreds of partial poe items/frags/cards, is starting to wear on me, as drop rates lower as soon as new items it mechanics are released.

6. I would rather have even drop rates where they actually Nerf great items and buff shitty items (knowing there will never be perfect balance), but striving for build diversity and not every build or even 50% wanting headhunter, belly of the beast, etc

In any case, what I believed is that GGG will of course keep working to improve every aspect of the league they can.

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