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The main wear etc 486, weapon is random to WOW Gold candle dragon single-handed swords, adorn article is 483 essence with dark month card. BOSS die distance third into P2 probably there are twenty seconds, plus the P2 can steal many DPS, DPS is pressure (specific is the first round hit 60%, the second round in order to put the method pay two ring didn’t have applied this wheel to eat is not good, only hit 30%)
Link + dark regeneration (90 level best talent for gram, eggs talent god will decelerate, although can card CD used up, but still very angry)

Little strange:

The first is little strange, some people May 25 little strange clear up will be more troublesome, actually destroy very good clear, first of all to stand below position command blue fat to play intermediate 2 druid one, such as small blame target elected blue fat later made the horse to run in the past, this time four small blame will all come to the edge of the blue fat enough the dark anger four, run to eat on the edge of the blue fat and fire inflammation volley article read, 0.5 S dark anger, wait for they are spray dead. And then the bird, the bird health more than ten people, there will be a group of WeiOu you side down rain of fire edge kite, dark anger good throw a, no blood sugar dust conversion of what, art ye very hard.


Open before had better put a method array, lest be pit, H with PT firebird firebird into P2 position is different, PT mode BOSS into P2 certainly just fly to the door. But H will fly over head point, and put a method array convenient ran to steal P2DPS position

If wear etc have 490 plus weapon is PT mode above of words should be able to eat a layer of the lap is enough, otherwise can double eat ring best double to eat. BOSS into P2, DBM count to five can method array past, pay attention to advance movement, if followed BOSS words BOSS started trying your position should be a far distance method array. Method after the battle in your position more than half of the time is can play to the BOSS, the past the first shadow barriers opened, and then winds five layer before what all need not stem, call BOSS, and less than 60% health a sugar + lingering is enough, the darkness regeneration all need not, full of blood into P3 firmly. Turn out BOSSP1 back stage when remember method array mend.

H model eat circle result:

H model circle with PT refresh mechanism is a big difference, sometimes there will be a group of four, sometimes only two. Specific refresh mechanism lu Lord also didn’t understand. How to eat is closely to BOSS, the first group of the location of the circle with PT mode are the same, and the right side of the BOSS, eat a immediately to next refresh point (here need anticipation ring position, is according to the first ring and the relative position of the BOSS to judge), if the third ring and the relative position of the BOSS is the same, the fourth ring is also, that is to say H model could actually as each group of ring is 2. More specific or practice to realize. 

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