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Fallout 76, every weekly’s challenges do not just let you hunt down some of the most fatal creatures in the Appalachian wasteland, but also require you to do it in style too! So, in order to keep yourself very decent while doing these challenges, here is where you can lay your hands on a Fishing Outfit and Hat, as well as Cultist Clothes.

For Fallout 76 players, the easiest ways to get some of these items is by buying them with your earned Fallout 76 caps, so please make sure you have enough bottle caps to hand – but, usually, at this point that’s not an issue. The rest you can unearth if you have already known where to look.

In Fallout 76, like outfit challenges incline to come back around after a while, so as long as you picked up a set, immediately store it in your C.A.M.P – or the alt account that you definitely don’t have till now – and I am sure you’ll probably get some more use out of it later as long as you continue playing this game.

Fishing outfit and Hat In Fallout 76

Here it is, one of the latest batches of weekly challenges is to “Kill Mirelurks, Anglers, Crabs, or Gulpers while wearing a Fishing Outfit and Hat”.

Finding these enemies are quite easy, you can just squelch around in watery areas and swamps and they will appear soon. But if you have not worn a fishing outfit in your scavenging, then that would be very hard to track one down.

Fortunately, in the basement mall of The Whitespring Resort, you can purchase both an “Old Fisherman’s Hat” and “Brown Fisherman’s Overalls” from a shop named: Creekside Lodge.

For the Whitespring Resort, you can find it to the northeast of Uncanny Caverns, southeast of Flatwoods, and almost directly east of Charleston.

Fallout 76 Fishing Outfit and Hat

Picture of Whitespring Resort Location

The periphery of The Whitespring Resort is totally teeming with high-level ghouls, glowing ones, and scorchbeasts, so please be on the highest alert. However, it is still possible even at lower levels to sprint past the horde and makes it to the main building – once you’re in range the patrolling Assaultrons and Sentry Bots will also step in to take the aggro.

Cultists Clothes In The Game Of Fallout 76

Even though the Fisherman’s Outfit is quite clearly labeled, the “Cultist Clothes or Hat” aren’t as clear, because there is nothing called exactly that in the game of Fallout 76.

All we can think of the closest things to Cultist clothes are the Ritual Bindings and Ritual Mask that are found at multiple locations throughout Appalachia.

There is one place where you can find them is in Lucky Hole Mine, this locates in the far southeast of the map.

Cultists Clothes Location

Getting Cultists Clothes

The specific location lies in the southeast of The Wellspring Resort and Uncanny Caverns.

Inside the Fallout 76 mine, fight against the radroaches and Mole Miners – who seem to have already found a cache of missile launchers.

Towards the bottom of the mine, you will have the chance to find the entrance to a secret room hidden behind a bush. Walk in and then you will find Ritual Bindings and the Ritual Mask – along with a Serrated Cultist Dagger.

Maybe now you have got a little confusion, here we inserted a video to show where you need to go.

Where To Find Cultists Clothes In The Game Of Fallout 76

If you are now after some Fallout 76 Formal Wear for another weekly challenge or just want to look fancy and a little more debonair in the wasteland. You should browse this post.

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