Comprehension tips in FIFA corners

Posted: 23rd December 2014 by sky shine in fifa 15
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As you know,corners are always a good chance to score a goal.Here we’ll share you a comprehension tips concerning corners.Well,top 3 corner tips you need know at first.

1.Take position
Most corner goals happen because the attacking team are well positioned and their opponents aren’t. Taking position is crucial and this can be done in two ways.Firstly, you can and you should use pre-defined positioning, pressing down the D-Pad and then choosing one of the options that allows you to get your players ready on the near post, the far post, or either near or far from the keeper.Also, you can select and move the player you wish to pass the ball to. Just flick the Right Stick enough times to reach the intended player.

2.Observe the opponent
Until you take the first corner, there’s no way to know how your opponent defends. But after two or three, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t adapt a style for the situation. General rule, most players defend corners in the same way. Carefully observe then change the type of corner when they least except. For example: if on the two first corners his goalkeeper advances and does the interception, on the third try aiming for the penalty mark. One failed interception attempt by his goalkeeper is half a goal for you.

3.Be Quick
One of the things that might be good for you when trying to score in a corner is the fact that the opponent’s defence isn’t well prepared. If you’re quick enough to take the corner well, taking less than a second to do so, you’ll be able to catch your opponent trying to get his players into position. This will be a big advantage for you because the chances one of your players will receive the ball to strike are bigger.

Changing the corner taker

On Xbox controllers

On Playstation controllers

Compared to FIFA 14
No alterations.

The same way you can change receiver with the Right Stick, you can also change the corner taker pressing RT/R2. Always choose players with good passing and shot power attributes, leaving the tallest players with good heading accuracy inside the area. In order for everything to go down quickly, you should have your corner takers pre-defined.

Regular corner

On Xbox controllers
X (although it’s not very recommended, you can press it twice or three times to low or ground crosses)

On Playstation controllers
Square (although it’s not very recommended, you can press it twice or three times to low or ground crosses)

Situation 1: If the receiver is in the near post, the power should be 2/4.
Situation 2: If the selected receiver is in the far post, the power should be 2.5/4.


On Xbox controllers
X Button then Left Stick

On Playstation controllers
Square Button then Left Stick

Situation 1: When the receiver is right next to the box and closer to the far post, the best thing to do is to aim approximately to the goal line and then flick LS opposite to the goal. Power should be 2.5/4.
Situation 2: When the receiver is located in the near post, the best thing to do is just the opposite. Adjust your aim opposite to situation 1 and then flick LS in direction to the goal. Use 2/4 of power.

Calling player

On Xbox controllers
LT to call player, A Button to pass

On Playstation controllers
L2 to call player, X Button to pass

Used when the area is full of opposing players or when you’re not confident enough to take the corner normally. It can also be used to confuse the opponent, calling a player but ending up taking the corner normally.

Near for diving

On Xbox controllers
X Button + Left Stick up

On Playstation controllers
Square Button + Left Stick up

Should only be used when you have a strong player alongside the near post and power shouldn’t go beyond 2/4.


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