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From Software and Bandai Namco will to produce patch for Dark Souls 3 later this week to get ready the game because of its first expansion, Ashes of Ariandel. That patch may also come with myriad bug fixes and balance updates, as well as a change to one of the sport’s most notorious stats: poise.

According to Dark Souls 3’s most up-to-date patch notes posted to the sport’s Tumblr, From Software has “Adjusted poise values in general. Poise is more effective for heavier weapons and armor.”

Poise has become one of Dark Souls 3’s more confounding character attributes since the action launched trapped on tape. Players initially thought the poise stat was effectively “turned off” considering that the attribute didn’t represent it did in past Dark Souls games (simply speaking, poise increased the player’s effectiveness against being staggered or stun-locked inside original Dark Souls, but weapons and armor with good poise stats didn’t give the same benefit in Dark Souls 3). As it proved, however, poise was employed as intended by developer From Software, although explanation for the way it operates in Dark Souls 3 is complicated.

Here’s greater than 3,800 words detailing how Dark Souls 3’s undertake poise works, if you’d wish to know more.

It’s not immediately clear the dimensions of of an impact Dark Souls 3’s poise tweaks may have on the experience’s combat, or what steps From Software is ready to go. Some popular player theories speculate that this change will never be akin to From Software flipping the poise plunge to “on,” and definately will instead be considered a subtle change that only players who wield heavy equipment might notice. But Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki didn’t sound particularly thrilled with Dark Souls 3’s implementation of poise and said he was prepared to adjust the actual way it worked.

“This isn’t something we’re also particularly satisfied with,” Miyazaki told Kotaku in July. “With how everything is handled now, it could be improved which is an agenda item we’ll be working on inside the future.”

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