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Gerrard left Liverpool after what happened? Record the decline? Influence of decline? Liverpool manager Rogers so far have yet to think of next season, because early in the transfer market this summer, Liverpool may taste bitter at having lost Steven Gerrard. Liverpool boss acknowledged that without Steven Gerrard of Liverpool, may be more difficult to attract stars to join.


Gerrard left Liverpool, the decision breaks the hearts of the fans of the team. Fight at FIFA can continue to use Steven Gerrard into the 15 Stadium to FIFA 15 coins to buy security or

In past more than 10 years in, Liverpool may missing champion, may missing funds, even sometimes also missing Europe war qualification, Liverpool renowned world football of brand teetering, fortunately also has Gerrard in struggling support, many fans are is because Gerrard and falls in love with reds, and not away from not abandoned, because past who hasn’t years, said Liverpool, people first will thought Gerrard, said Gerrard, people on will reminds Liverpool.

Similarly, many players because he chose to join the demise of the Red Army, or choose a reluctant to stay at Liverpool. Once Steven Gerrard said goodbye to Anfield in the summer, will appear above it? Alonso, Mascherano (data), Torres, Luis Suarez and other stars are likely to be seen on Gerrard and Liverpool, Liverpool stars their only away, without a champion, Champions League (next season, most likely), Liverpool’s Anfield and what to do to persuade people that?

Rogers feared that Liverpool would happen, but as Liverpool boss, of course, he admitted Liverpool without Gerrard, it is not exposed to the outside world: “we almost won last season and achieved UEFA Champions League qualification, and play good football, we were (last summer) can easily attract high level players. We must believe that the Club’s position, we will still want to move on and let the other players arrived at Anfield. ”

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