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If you were gone the last few days and have only returned to the world of Destiny, you might be a bit confused once you step foot into the Tower. Firstly there’s a new occupant. Eris Morn, a Guardian who fought Crota and survived, now spending her time among the Fallen.


Her arrival with The Dark Below expansion means plenty of new items have become available. Some are plain and simple, such as weapons and armor. While others may have your head in a twist, confused to what exactly they do.

We got the DLC and played it vigorously, getting to grips with the new shiny things, making sure you know what to do the next time you hit the vendors.

1.EV-30 Tumbler – You may have noticed this Sparrow in the Special Orders vendor. It comes as part of The Dark Below expansion, just in case you’re wondering where it came from.
2.Vanguard Commendation – Not necessarily an item but new and something you might understand. You’ll notice the bugger when you visit the Vanguard Quartermaster in the Tower, asking for one to allow you to buy all the new weapons available with the expansion. All you need to do is level up once with either the Vanguard or a faction once while over rank three. level up faster, you can visit Destiny Power Leveling.

3.Crux of Crota – The Crux works like the Embalming Orb, upgrading the already upgraded Eidolon Ally into the Necrochasm(Exotic).
4.Radiant Shard – The Shard works the same way as the Radiant Energy, instead upgrading the defense of Crota’s End raid armor.
5.Radiant Energy – This bad boy upgrades the damage output on weapons received from Crota’s End raid. For example the Dragon’s Breath launcher and Four Horsemen shotgun.
6.Embalming Orb – Like the Runed Core it has one sole purpose, to upgrade Husk of the Pit auto-rifle into Eidolon Ally.
7.Runed Core – Its use is limited, allowing Guardians who receive a rare version of the Murmur fusion rifle to upgrade it to Legendary status if not already received.

There’s still a lot about The Dark Below we know nothing about, but we plan to indulge more in its mysterious ways over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more of the same.


The Dark Below expansion is now available to PlayStation and Xbox users for $19.99/£19.99. Those on PlayStation will receive exclusive content unavailable to Xbox users until Fall 2015, more details on that here.

Have you picked up any of these items? Let us know below in the comments.

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