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Blizzard finally decided to 1.07 concern duel system was renamed Brawling, and Diablo 3 upcoming PVP system compared to other games in the duel, fewer constraints, more open and free. We have received a lot of feedback PTR players, decided the duel was renamed the melee – one we feel more in line with the name of Diablo 3 Gold. We did not wait for an official patch notes announced this change hope the players understand early, in part in order to reduce the confusion of the players, the other part in order to explain the reasons of this change in advance.

This system is designed in 1.07 to give players a game with each other to defeat the other interesting patterns, we finally realized that the duel this name is not appropriate, of course, in this system, players can mine other pinch Farm punched and kicked, or magic slaughtered, but this is not a traditional duel. This system more open, more crazy, you can add three or four of Fuzion few restrictions. This system allows players to battle and battle – you do not have to worry about the goals, rewards, points, and this is what we want. So I want to reiterate that this is not a duel, Brawling.

A name can be a lot of content, we believe that the scuffle was more accurate description of this system we have created.Hell, even we joined NPC name called brawl by Nick, so we feel this renamed must long ago have been written Deckard Cain prophecy.I will continue to call it a duel, if you do not mind. Do not order and Diablo Zone 2 separate what do struggle, sorrow.

Most of the feedback we have received, the players are referred to Diablo 2 there are other games in the duel. Generally speaking, the duel of the other games are in the normal world by initiating a notification to trigger. It involves only two people, with the expected form and framework, including some degree of fairness. It really is not Diablo 3 duel, we want to make sure that the name of the system is not distorted. 

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