Diablo 3 Gold guide: getting gold

Posted: 25th June 2012 by admin in Other Games
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Want to tons of gold in Diablo 3? Read this Diablo 3 Gold guide to understand more things about this currency and know the best ways to maximize your chances of getting more gold coins in the game. Blizzard made it clear that picking up gold in Diablo 3 is very different from what we have been used to in the previous installment of the game, as it don’t flow like an infinite fountain anymore, and it has more value in many aspects of both building your character and playing the game. Monsters don’t drop big heaps of gold in this game, and item sells are in low costs, also gamers will be breaking down many of their unwanted items in salvage cube, since crafting materials will be more necessary than gold.

Gold is obtained from adventuring and selling items to merchants. Slain monsters usually drop gold, and you can also find some coins underneath dead corpse, corners of levels, and inside various types of objects, from barrels, chests, crates, etc. Blizzard also made it clear that players will certainly die a lot in Diablo 3, which is great for avid gamers and Diablo franchise fans who constantly seek for challenge and incentive. But what does it really say for your character’s gold stability? It means more gold needed for item repairs.

With this system, some players will definitely be able to pay for their next repairs and item craft, but will need to get back in the wild and find more gold to address its other needs. Some players will not have enough gold to fix their stuff though. The latest thing we know about gold in Diablo 3 is that, Blizzard has great plans about it in higher difficulties and its predicted end game (Inferno). The thing is, the other 70% of all items are only made available right after you’re done with the normal difficulty. The higher the difficulty level, the more chances you face tougher champions, which obviously drops the rare and precious items. But unlike in Diablo 2, items drops in this game are far from being repetitive. 

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