Diablo 3 PS3 and Xbox 360

Posted: 28th June 2013 by admin in Diablo 3
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The release date was revealed in a press release which also confirms the title’s

launch on Xbox 360 — up until now, only a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 version

had been revealed. A launch window for the PS4 version was not mentioned in the

press release; we have reached out to Blizzard to find out if they have any firm

plans on that particular port of the game. We’ve also inquired about the possibility

of an Xbox One port.

The console port of Blizzard’s isometric action-RPG Diablo 3 will launch on Xbox 360

and PlayStation 3 in North America, Europe and several other territories on Sept. 3,

the studio revealed today.
diablo 3 photo: Diablo 3 004.jpg
The game will launch in “the U.S., Canada, Spanish-speaking Latin America, Europe,

Australia, and New Zealand” on Sept. 3, while further launch details — like the

title’s localization in South Korea — will be announced at a later date. Both

versions of the title will net pre-orderers the “Infernal Helm” in-game item which

boosts player’s experience point gains.

Update: A Blizzard representative responded to our questions, stating, “We’re

excited for console players to get their hands on Diablo 3, but we don’t have any

further platform announcements to share at this time.” 

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