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We all know that Madden 18 will be released in August, but do you know that some players already are able to play Madden18? So today we introduce how have they been so early to play Madden 18, as well as their gaming experience.


I have been in E3, with some random and intense Madden players paired, so I won most of the support. They really got into this and I was not even sure that I knew what they were saying to play the strategy, just when someone whispered nodded. Team-based games allow players to take on certain roles and then fight against other players. This can be a combination of up to six players, it can well provide enough for each team, it is still competitive.

Before playing, we will have some little chat, we will do is like the visual effects on the screen as usual to provide a general overview. There is a good combination of friendly and intense action there, so I can imagine this model will be fine with the fans. I like to check this new model while my time limits the game’s changes should not cause too many problems waiting for them to publish the game every year.

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