Does WOW Tanking Too Easy?

Posted: 11th April 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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Apparently, some players are of the opinion world of warcraft tanking is too easy right now. Ghostcrawler had this to say about world of warcraft tanking in its current state, reminding us that there are some changes ahead of us in Northrend:

Blizzard Quote: (Source)
I do agree that everything is easier right now at 70. But keep in mind these 3 things coming up at 80:
– Bosses have more armor. That is going to affect the threat generation, particularly of warriors and bears.
– A lot of wow groups are world of warcraft tanking and burning down groups. It’s fun, but at higher levels the risk you’re going to take is that those groups kill you.
– Threat is easy to manage now, and not too bad in Naxx. Naxx was designed to be more of an introduction to raiding. It won’t stay that easy. I wouldn’t expect a lot of Void Walker-style wow competitions to stay on top of threat meters compared to other tanks, but you might have to worry about the dps’rs catching up to you at some point. 

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