Each gear set has a distinctive, organized look

Posted: 15th August 2012 by admin in Diablo 3
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Barbarian swinging two magical axes. Armor and weapons function much as they did in previous games in the series. Players find low level gear early on, and one of the major goals/enjoyments of playing is to find better quality gear and thus improve your character’s performance. One big change to the appearance of armor is the elimination of exception and elite versions of gear. Unlike in Diablo II, Diablo 3 characters will not find the exact same looking armor repeated on each difficulty level. Instead there are 18 “tiers” of armor, organized into something the developers call gear sets. Each gear set has a distinctive, organized look, and thus a character wearing all (or most) of say, gear set 14, would have a cohesive, coherent appearance as the items would match each other.

The developers have released numerous screenshots of the classes in complete gear sets, and they are stylish indeed. It’s less clear, in advance of playing the higher levels, just how often a character will have most or all of the same gear set on, or if characters will always be clad in a mixture of different level equipment. Item quality is similar to that of Diablo II, with item scarcity progressing normal (the new name for unique items). There should be more mixing and matching at the highest levels, with rare, set, and legendary items of approximately-equivalent quality, depending on the random mods they spawn with.

As there are no runes to socket into equipment, there are no runeword items, at least in D3. One of the biggest changes to items in Diablo 3 is the inclusion of an Auction House in the Battlenet system. Players can now very easily buy and sell gear, for gold for real money. While there was a great deal of controversy over the Real Money Trading aspect, the Auction House itself was very popular when announced. Despite that propitious introduction, soon after release many players came to believe that the AH was a major detriment to the game experience, since it worked too well. 

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