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Since the release of The Elder Scrolls Online in 2014, there has been a lot of change in the game. For example, the game has received a lot of content and you do not have to pay monthly to play the game. Are you one of the players who has not touched the game for a while, but does Morrowind’s coming release still start a little bit? Then you’re here to the right place. We make all the major changes that the MMO has passed on for you in a row.

Four DLCs And A Dungeon Pack

Morrowind may be the biggest expansion for Elder Scrolls Online, the first one is certainly not. Previously, players were already contributing to the liberation of the Imperial City, the rebuilding of Orc-kingdom Orsinium, the killings of the Dark Brotherhood and the robberies of the Thieves Guild. The game also released a Dungeon Pack, which made two new dungeons available. All DLCs are for sale in the Crown Store and available to players with an ESO Plus subscription.

One Tamriel

To give players more freedom, The Elder Scrolls Online has completely changed the way the world collapses. Since the One Tamriel update, many of the Alliance restrictions in the PvE zones have disappeared, so that all races can work together from the start of the game. Also, most content is scaled to your level so you can visit every zone from your first hours in the game without worrying about the level of your opponents.


The most recent update introduced the option to purchase your own home. These range from downstairs attic rooms and humble stumps to true villas with a giant garden. You can even design and craft your own interior so that you can fully customize your house.

ESO Plus

Ever since the game has dropped the compulsory subscription fee, all content except ESO DLCs is available to anyone who purchases the game. If you are looking for something extra then you can purchase an ESO Plus subscription. This provides you with access to all DLCs, a fixed amount of Crowns per month to spend in the Crown Store, a botomless crafting bag and more.

Justice And Champion Systems

ESO has added some new gameplay systems since its release. The Justice system gives players the opportunity to go against the law, and steal and sell stolen goods to fences. When you get snatched, you get a penalty on your head and you have to flee for the guards. The Champion system serves as a replacement for Veteran levels. After reaching the 50-level level cap, you earn with Champion Points experience, which can be used in skill trees to enhance specific aspects of your character. Thus, you can focus on a specific game style.

End-game Content

In addition to the dungeons and the PvP modes, there was not much end game content present in the release version of ESO. Also, there has been a change through the addition of Trials and the Craglorn zone. Craglorn was initially intended as a zone for player groups of high levels, but since the release of One Tamriel, the zone is easier to perform as well as solo player. Here are also most of the trials. Trials are harder than dungeons and require a group of twelve players to complete. They are particularly challenging, but give players a chance to win a particularly strong win, so they are definitely worth it.


Morrowind will be the first ESO chapter. The term extension is deliberately avoided because Morrowind will also focus on new players. Thanks to the One Tamriel update, most content will be suitable for any player, including the new story about God Vivec. In addition, Morrowind will add the first new playable class to the game in the form of the Warden, which can be well-fought with natural and ice cream flavors. Damage to your Animal Companion skills, which calls you to all kinds of animals to help you. The chapter also includes a new Trial, the Halls of Fabrication, and new PvP Battlegrounds, in which three teams of four record in small-scale arenas.

In addition to the above, The Elder Scrolls Online has changed a lot of skills, animations and questlines since its release. It’s time to get the game out of the closet if you have not played him for a long time, because there is a lot to do and see in Tamriel.

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