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World of Warcraft is always popular over the recent years. Players get more and more fun from WoW, they love it. It is really such an amazing online game for us. When you begin to play WoW, you must choose a best WoW character first. There are too many different classes which provide different roles in WoW. What kind of class do you want to choose? For most players, they choose what appeal to them most at the first time. The other players may end up leveling two or more characters to the level cap until they find the one which matches their play style most. Class appeals to players for its result of personality. No matter if you are choosing your first class or not satisfied with your current level capped characters? Each player has his own different idea about the question: who is the most powerful character in the WoW? If you ask players about it, you may get different answers, so it is not helpful to you to ask players which character is the most powerful in WoW, this is purely your own choice and decision. The only suggestion I can give you is that you need to go with a race and class which you can live with.
Just give you an example, a Warrior, Rogue or Paladin will be your best choice if you would like to get up close and personal. Different choices depend on your particular game play. Of course this is just an example, there are some other choices for you depend on your hobby. Before you make decision, you had better do some research about what classes do what. And select character is just the first step of playing WoW, the power of WoW character depends on the power of yours. The best character to play is the style you like and it can take some time to figure that out unless you have played other games similar. The character in WoW for you is just like a friend of you, you should love it, take care of it and grow up with it together. When your character gets a higher level, you will be happy and feel satisfied, that is the most cheerful things after you start to play this game. Only you choose the best WoW character for yourself, can you get sincere happy. You can enjoy yourself premise with a best character for you. 

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