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You won’t get attacked by them; there’s enough distance between you for that. But they crouch there, taunting you, letting you know that one day, you’ll have to face them. Most of the game taunts you with more regions to explore that you have yet to see, threats you will face when you’re ready but not before.

Nothing feels arbitrary. When you’re assaulting Stone Vigil, it’s a nest of major draconic threats that requires more than one person to clear. FFXIV Powerleveling┬áBut when you’re facing off against some of those threats earlier in a solo fight, you’re there with several NPCs and don’t have the time to assemble a proper strike team. The last three bits of the game require an eight-person team, but you’re taking part in a large-scale military operation. And considering your final opponents, eight people feels entirely fair.

The points when you’re wandering all over feel like points when you are actually aimless, when you don’t know what to do next. You’re not just running to random points for the heck of it; you’re running around because things are kind of a mess. It’s a mirroring effect.

But the game also benefits from the fact that you’re never really stymied. You have limitations, yes, but there are always options for leveling, always things to do if you can’t get a group right away. Between leves, FATEs, and the plethora of other classes to level, there’s nothing stopping even a DPS character from queueing up and still playing during the wait time.

If you couldn’t change classes easily, if you weren’t gifted with a plethora of gathering and crafting options, if there weren’t solutions for the need to quest when there are no quests available… then maybe there would be reason to get annoyed. But as it stands, even when the main story goes into normally obnoxious territory, it still doesn’t force you into miserable situations. You’ve still got fun stuff to do.

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