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Brayflox is memorably fun, Qarn is memorably awful, but Cutter’s Cry is just… there. This dungeon has precisely one redeeming feature, and that’s the final boss. The layout is annoying (as are the random sand explosions) and the treasure is nothing to write home about. Boss one is irritating as both a healer and a tank, and boss two is trivially simple.

The chimera at the end, though… this is where it gets interesting. Aside from requiring you to duck his cone effects that emerge at 45-degree angles from the front (enough to hit the tank in front while also catching unwary DPS on the flank), he also has three abilities to observe. FFXIV Gold¬†One requires you to run away from him, one demands that you collapse onto him, and the last one sends a bolt of power for players to run from before it explodes.

It’s complex and requires a lot of management of position without ever relying upon adds or cheap tricks. I absolutely love it. It’s a shame it’s also in a dungeon that I otherwise will happily ignore from here on out because seriously, no point.

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