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Although I’m not one to play MMOs I do love to research culture – especially digitized video game culture. I’ve gone through Pixiv collecting some of the best fan artwork related to Final Fantasy XIV. New fans of the game will recognize plenty of these races and job classes which you can choose for your character. These artists really give it their all to portray the imaginary game world created by Square-Enix. This is a beautiful gallery celebrating the release of a new Internet-centric era of RPG gaming.

The massive world of Eorzea was recently re-vamped following the release of FFXIV Powerleveling: A Realm Reborn. It is an MMORPG video game growing popular with Japanese and North American audiences. Obviously the Final Fantasy brand itself is fairly prominent – but this is the first major MMO project since FFXI. It features a much larger world and also comes native to the PlayStation 3 in hi-definition.

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