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Lady Amandine (Haukke Manor)
Look, ladypants doesn’t even get a special model. She doesn’t even get much in the way of special mechanics. She’s built up wonderfully as a threat, but then she fails to be interesting on almost every level. The one thing you can say is she’s rough enough to waste uncoordinated groups, and even that winds up feeling arbitrary. For such a charming thematic dungeon, Haukke really winds up being lackluster.

Rhitalyn sas Arvina (Cape Westwind)
I hate Cape Westwind. The story mode Primal battles prepare you for the Hard Mode fights, that’s fair. But Westwind prepares you for… well, nothing. It’s a big setpiece fight to have a big setpiece fight and it mostly just dissolves into a game of dogpiling the dude with gun-shields.

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The real kicker is that the actual mechanics of the fight are decent enough, even if they’re about at the complexity level of a dungeon boss. But Rhitalyn winds up just being a big pointless fight in the middle of interesting things happening, and I think it was ultimately a mistake.

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