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The way I understood it from Lufia and other reports that kept me out of such games over the years was that resources in most online worlds were kept deliberately scarce in order to breed worth. That meant that if you were going to go out and acquire ten pieces of Macguffinite, you might go to the Macguffinite Mines and find out that a dozen other players on the server had already drained it dry.

That’s the beauty of Final Fantasy XIV for people like me. It’s not based on scarcity. Every person is in his own little quest line and what someone else does with the local mushrooms or whatever has nothing to do with how you interact with them.

For instance, one of the very first little quests that happened to me in the game was a woman who dropped her money on the ground and I was supposed to pick it up. Simple, a monkey could do it. However, when I got to the last pile of coins I saw another player standing in front of it.

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I stayed back hesitantly. If I picked it up would he, like, kill me? Am I breaking some basic law of etiquette that will result in the death of my character? Nope, he just strolled off and the money was still there.

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