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New version is ready for final fantasy, the specific test time haven’t received the official detailed answer.
How soon can you start playing the reboot that is Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? Probably by the end of the month if you’re in the game’s alpha test.

“There will not only be stress tests for the new servers’ coding and hardware configurations, but also tests for what will be the backbone of the game’s new system, which is why we’re being very cautious with development. Bear with us for just a while longer,” says Naoki Yoshida in the latest producer’s letter.

Yoshida also says that the dev team will likely keep the current version of FFXIV available for a time, even though no character data accumulated after November 11th will be ported to A Realm Reborn. The decision is based partly on player poll voting. Yoshida says he was “planning to keep the servers open so long as 30% of the players voted for it.”

The graphics engine and the artwork in FF14 was just jaw dropping amazing. There is so much potential there. They did get a lot totally wrong, and they paid for it dearly. You have commend Square for sticking through this whole ordeal. The massive overhaul and changes to the game all look awesome. I will definitely check out ARR next year when it comes out. I hope.
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