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Final Fantasy XIV shows off the jobs and professions of 20

As Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn takes shape, so does its website. Square-Enix has updated the official site with scads of new screenshots for many of the game’s jobs and professions. We’ve saved you the time it would take to comb through the entire site hunting each of these down by compiling all of them in one handy-dandy gallery. Behold!

Absolutely gorgeous. I’m eager to see more gameplay videos before i decide if i want to purchase this game.

I’m not one of the fans that bought this game at release nor the ones that were excited about it and then disappointed. I’m a new fan and I am keeping tabs on its development NOW so if they keep up the good work this time around their chances of getting me as a fan/customer are very very good.So you can click here FFXIV Gil to learn more about the game information and services.

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