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First of all, let me just say something that ticked me off to no end — the declaration that the Umbral Era was over struck me as really stupid. It’s an arbitrary ending to an era of tumult that was apparently decided because one Allag weapon got destroyed and three primals were beaten, primals that turn back up at the declaration that the era is over. Yes, Eorzea left the Empire reeling for a third time, but proclaiming that a time of strife is done because you pulled that off is naive at best. I’m kind of hoping that gets ignored.

Speaking of the Empire, this is now the third time that a love of superweapons has screwed the entire nation of Garlemald. It thankfully didn’t come across as a completely arbitrary win on behalf of Eorzea, though. FFXIV Powerleveling The work you did in beating the other Primals led directly to being able to overcome Ultima Weapon’s main powers, and Gaius had no desire to bring its full powers to bear anyhow.

Gaius, incidentally, manages to pull ahead and be a pretty darn great villain through the end of the story. Yes, he needs to be put down, but his motivations are entirely understandable and internally consistent. He genuinely believes that he’s acting in Eorzea’s best interests, and his deal with the Ascians is solely made to give him the strength to force Eorzea to accept him, not to destroy anything he doesn’t need to. You really get the sense that he respects both the player characters and the Scions for their commitment, even though he can’t condone their actions.

And in the end, he dies. Two decades of trying to take Eorzea cut short in his final attempt. A sad death, but a fitting one.

Oddly, the villainous body count isn’t terribly high. We’ve lost van Baelsar and two of the three Tribuni, but Nero may very well still be alive (it’s certainly implied he’s leaving for good after his defeat). Lahabrea lost a body but not himself, and the Ascians are still enraptured by their worship of…

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