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I remember when this place was the new hotness. I’ve still got treasure kicking around that I picked up from this dungeon in 1.0, some of which is still great, some of which… not so much. The overall layout hasn’t changed too much, although the back-and-forth just to fight a single boss is helpfully gone. It’s still filled with puks, landtraps, and diremites, along with a few ochus and mushrooms for variety.

Where Halatali asks DPS to step up to the plate, this dungeon is all about putting extra pressure on the healers. FFXIV Gold┬áThere’s a lot of poison thrown around and damage that even smart DPS can’t avoid, forcing healers to accept that they’re not going to have everyone topped off at all times. The emphasis on Esuna gets a bit obnoxious if you’re dealing with a lot of melee, though.

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