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Although the poor record this season, but Liverpool midfielder La Lana believe this team has found a way out of the woods.

He said: “We have regained the ability to give opponents trouble, we can gain the confidence of the boys a little lack of confidence, not just for myself, as well as others in the team because the team that was disappointing. record, but in your career, always encounter such a low ebb, then you need to show courage “
“Liverpool did, when you did not play well, poor record time, perhaps to cover up is very easy, but you have to work out of the woods. We have had a bad day, it is important how you rebound, how to work hard. “
“The team has a poor record for various reasons, people may not like the reason, but really is there for a reason. It is up to us, step by step, to return to the position in which the team last season. Coach seek other Workaround left me a deep impression. he was looking for a suitable existing team players and tactics, and by the last few games, I believe we have found that are attributed to him. “
“Let Stirling served a key role, not only can play a set of tactics, it is a tactic to make the team fit. Center position is not the best at Stirling, but his performance was really for the team Okay. “
And talked about his struggle to join the beginning, La Lana added: “I do not think such giants Liverpool would be a breeze perhaps I too would like to perform well, the effort was too far – again. plus some other factors. but I still integrated into the team. I feel more comfortable, and more comfortable on the court La Lana means I can play the best strength. I gradually found in this state, more and more find self. “

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