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Building up play from your GK and through your defense is an essential part of FIFA 20. Possession vital in FIFA 20 if you are to succeed and this starts from playing the ball out from the back. Made a tiny bit harder by the fact that the angle has now changed for FIFA 20 when seeing a goal kick but all these tips can still be implemented to get you off and running and in possession of the ball.

If you just resort to lumping the ball forward, hoping to win a flick on or hit a 40 yard ground pass into your strikers feet, the vast majority of the time you won’t win the header, or it will be intercepted, and then you’re back defending before you even get the chance to express the attacking side of your game. There are various ways you can play out from the back to get your possession going. See below to get over ten styles of playing the ball out effectively from the goalkeeper.


Distribution from goal-kicks
Unless you have a big, secure center forward who is good at heading the ball upfront, such as Ibra or Giroud, then you want to be trying to play the football out from the back as much as possible. There are a few ways in which you can do this safely without presenting the opposition with an easy goal-scoring chance. Use the diagram and explanations below to learn how to hardly ever give away possession from your goal-kicks. As you see the picture, imagine you are playing left to right on your screen.



Full-back (BLUE ARROWS)
The most effective way to pass to one of your full-backs is as follows. Before the screen loads, you want to be pressing (before the screen for taking a goal kick loads). If you’re playing to your left-back if you’re playing to the right. Next, you’ve got to start tapping the pass button several times, while still holding the direction. This will pass the ball into your full-backs’ feet. Remember that your full-backs might not be as good with their first touch as your midfielders so the more accurate you can play the pass the better. Occasionally the opposition will get a player to the full-back just as the ball is arriving. You don’t want them to win the ball, so all you need to do here is tap the pass button while moving towards the ball and aiming the ball back towards your GK to pass the ball back. This should mean you never get the pass intercepted.

You can do the same process as above but press the lobbed pass button instead. This increases the chances of interception as it takes a little longer to get there, so be aware that this method has more risk than the ground pass option.
If, before you take the goal-kick, you notice they are moving a player to cover this pass to the full-back then obviously look for another option. If they move towards the full-back, then go ahead and play the short pass but be careful as some use the run towards the full-back to tempt you into the pass and later try and intercept. We don’t use this pass very
often it has to be said.
TIP – Use the driven pass to get the ball straight into your full back. Your full returns will have better stats than your CB’s so, even if they’re under pressure, they will be able to deal with the pass that is zipped in rather than the regular pass.


The opposite full-back/center-back can be a great option, and we use this often. So, if your goal-kick is on the right-hand side of your goal aim to the left-hand side and play 2/2 and a half bars of power towards the left full-back (1 bar of energy for the CB). Once again if they move a striker to the pass to intercept, your center-back should win the header and if your full-back is half decent in the air, even if they have moved a player to catch then you should win the header and start your possession.
Using the driven pass to go into the CB’s is not advisable. Their ball control stats won’t be as high as is required to control the ball close to their feet and the distance you’re passing the ball isn’t worthy of using the driven pass.


Midfield Man (PURPLE ARROWS)
Pretty much every player you play on FIFA 18 will always try to intercept the pass from your GK so this is another option to use, the lobbed pass button. Again, can have the slight risk but even if you lose the ball here you have the defense to make up for the loss of possession hopefully, or if you have a player such as Pogba in your midfield then he is far less likely to lose the header so bear this in mind when you’re selecting what to do with your GK’s. You need 1.5 to 2 bars of power for this but use the screen and the radar to see if this pass is on first.

TIP – If you’ve got a midfield that is taller, physical and is better in the air than your opposition then this is a great way to get your attacks going. An excellent example of this is using Man Utd vs. Real Madrid. Fellaini & Pogba vs. Modric and Kroos. You get what U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Seller saying.


This requires you to aim towards the wing of the side you’re taking the goal-kick from and apply 3 bars of power. Sometimes you can get the ball to feet, but more often than not you’ll need to challenge for the header so don’t use this option if you have players like Neymar or Jesus Navas on your wing. A player like Gareth Bale who is reliable, tall, and good at heading would be a good option to take.

TIP #1 – After a sub has been made, the forwards will automatically be back in their formation, so a quick pass out is always an option here. We use this method a lot, and it has NEVER been cut out by a forward.
TIP #2 – Use the new driven ground pass, using our techniques before even further to reduce the chances of interceptions. Beware that you’ll need to be careful controlling the ball when using this pass, especially with their FB’s.
Distribution from your GK’s handsYou’ll find that the GK has the ball in his hands numerous times throughout the game so it’s essential you can distribute the ball well from this position. A good tip here is to move around with your goalkeeper in the box first. This makes the opposition think you’re going to launch the ball or if you run towards a full-back position then quickly change to throw the ball elsewhere.

Dropping the ball to feet (use triangle) is an excellent option to take (once the attackers have dropped off!) Use the through ball/rush GK out button to drop the ball at your GK’s feet. You can then play to a full-back or center-back to start your attack. Remember, don’t rush. You will outnumber the attackers with your defenders, so take your time and play the correct pass.

Throwing the ball to the full-back is a great way to start an attack, especially if you are looking to break quickly. As mentioned previously, move around the box first and change direction quickly to cut out the chances of an interception. Throwing the ball to the winger works in the same way, but obviously, the need to hold onto the pass button longer to miss the full-back out is needed.

Rolling to the center-back has its an element of risk attached to it but is another effective method of starting a possession, especially if you have been using the full-backs for the vast majority of the game. This is the ball they will be expecting you to play so should free up a CB for you to use.

Kicking the ball either to the wings or down the middle is still an excellent option to take especially if your GK has claimed a cross from a corner as the defenders will likely be out of position and you can put the pressure on the defenders to make a sticky header or clearance.

TIP #1– Many people won’t know this but if your GK has rushed out of their box, but they don’t kick the ball first time there is a way to pick the ball up. Control the ball and if you’re in the area or near, dribble the ball back in the area and press the R2/RT button. This is a beneficial tool if you’re under pressure or wanting to take a bit of sting out of the game towards the final whistle.

TIP #2 – By sprinting and holding the driven pass or driven lobbed pass button, your GK can play and start some fantastic counter attacks. Give it a go and get your attacks began quickly from the back.
To summarise playing out from the back Remember to stay patient, play backwards if necessary, take your time when passing with defenders as their touch and passing accuracy won’t be that of a midfielder, try to think 2 or 3 passes in front and use the radar to help you plot these moves so please remember this when playing out from the back.

Usually, they are not worth the difficulty for causes that happen to be enough within the long run. Whilst they’re helpful for players who might know nothing concerning FIFA. For the most element, they may be mastering tools for beginners to ease them into the game. For much more FIFA 20 Guides, you’ll be able to pay a visit to

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