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This is one week, and now early access to Final Fantasy XIV inception, it has been a strange introduction. Partly because it is not really a proper launch, which is a re-start a game without playing a few months, and now has returned to a form, it has changed so much that it is almost unrecognizable. Partly because of malicious servers somewhat unrestrained force; This is definitely a problem because.

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I started to say something that can be seen as bragging, when it really is not. I’ve sat through a lot of MMO launch.Here to supply Buy ff14 gil

In part because, ah, my job involves online games. In these cases, you see a lot of launch. However, I’ve been playing online games, and now in some capacity for 12 years, so it also tied a simple fact, I am interested in genre. Start I want to play on my computer I sat patiently universal participation, and those that I do not want to play is still a concern.

Actually playing the game

Yes, despite the login problem, I’ve got quite a lot of game time, this week. (I hope you enjoy all the extras.) The final test is good, but it still is the training wheels. Now I can make as many levels as I want, as long as I want, it just gets better.

However, these are almost always my picky than all my favorite things, this seems to be a very small list. Matt Daniel, we need something that is entirely appropriate, but at the same time, some of the features we already knew was coming. I think we can wait a little while.

Servers, on the other hand, can not wait very long. Let’s catch up, eh?

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