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Sunken Temple of Qarn is apparently a dungeon designed to make me hate my job, this game, dungeons, group content, bees, boss fights, trash fights, ancient ruins, and video games in general. As I write this I have run it precisely once because two fellow RPC members were kind enough to accompany me in, an act of selflessness which means I now owe them a great deal of my blood. Running it again sounds about as pleasant as reliving the day that I was informed my father had died unexpectedly in his apartment.

The problem here isn’t that the dungeon is mechanically complex; it’s that a lot of these mechanics give you absolutely no control over what happens. FFXIV Powerleveling You can legitimately pay attention to everything you need to do and still find yourself wiping more than once. It’s an optional dungeon but not really because your Grand Company hunting log sends you here. And while I understand all of the goals of the mechanics in here, this is one of the only places where all of the mechanics combine to form something that is distinctly not even remotely fun.

Better yet, each of the four bosses is multifaceted without being overly complicated. The first boss is pretty dull, but the second two require DPS players to be alert beyond simply “attack adds”; the dragon at the end requires everyone to be alert, quick, and reactive. Add the goblin-saving mission in the middle and it’s impossible not to be happy that this is a part of the mandatory progression.

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