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Final Fantasy XIV visual appeal
One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the game’s visual appeal. I’m completely comfortable saying that Final Fantasy XIV, hands-down, remains one of the most graphically appealing MMOs in recent memory. From the lush forests of the Black Shroud to the parched sands of Thanalan to the snowy peaks of the Coerthas Highlands, A Realm Reborn is full of breathtaking and marvelously rendered scenery, a variety of spectacular weather effects, and a number of small details that help fill Eorzea with a sense of vibrancy and life. In the same vein, the character models are superb and wonderfully animated, right down to their facial expressions.

And thankfully, players will now be able to truly relish all the eye-candy FFXIV has to offer, as the revamped zones are no longer a baffling labyrinthine mess that requires a team of cartographers to navigate. I’m looking very pointedly at you, Black Shroud. Some may find the map redesigns a bit linear for their tastes, but if that’s the price of lush, well-designed zones packed full of unique landscapes and features, then it’s one I’ll willingly pay.

There are no side-by-side item comparisons when mousing over a prospective new piece of gear, and the tooltip shows only the differences between the item’s basic stats (such as physical and magic defense for armor). It doesn’t show stats, which are infinitely more important 99% of the time. These are quality-of-life issues moreso than gamebreaking bugs, but reducing tedium is important in ensuring that players can focus on the game itself.

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