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Posted: 17th June 2012 by admin in Guild Wars 2
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As far as we know, what makes Guild Wars 2 fans feel exciting is owe to the Beta Weekend Event 2, which will be released at Friday, June 8th, at noon PDT (GMT-7). And it will last for two day until June 10th, at 11:59 p.m. PDT (GMT-7). From this beta, players who own 35 level or higher will gain opportunities to test their mettle in the exploration of the tomb version. The Beta Weekend Event 2 is to enable majority of GW2 players Beta Weekend Event 2 consists of several integral parts, such as active event systems, a variety of refresh bugs, related feedback from testers about good points and weak points and so on.

What make me feel amazing is that I need to grind for the rewards. I feel more freedom to participate into it. While gaining more chances to devote into the Hall of Monuments, I can catch up with my gigantic trophies that should be combined promising stages together. How funny it is! Large stock of Monument turn-ins consists of massive grinding or positive achievements as a good result of excellent portions. It became an easy and convenient platform after the sequel has been announced. Of course, Plenty of Guild Wars 2 Gold will help you dominate the bottleneck in the Hall of Monuments.

In accordance with the design core, it is designed to a long-term bridge which can integrate Guild Wars with Guild Wars 2 since the sequel had first been updated. They put a lot of attention of Eye of the North and its Hall of Monuments that would play a large-scale role. That sounds awesome news. I am looking forward to see the magnificent effects between the Hall of Monuments and Guild Wars 2 gold! I am impressive about the original game. I went to the Rewards Calculator page and discovered that I had to unlock 14 out 50 possible rewards through Prophecies’ debut. 

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