Giving a free elo boost

Posted: 1st August 2013 by admin in ELO Boosting
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Giving away a free elo boost

That’s right, we don’t only sell elo boosting, we occasionally give it out for free. If you take a look at our Facebook page you can see that last Sunday we gave away 2 free elo boosts and 1 free coaching lesson. You can see the winners announced on this post, and you can talk to them on Facebook if you want to hear about it. To be eligible to win one of the many things we give away, not only the occasional elo boost, but free RP, free skins and free coaching as well, all you have to do is Like + Share our Facebook page. To win this Sundays free coaching you need to comment on the coaching post and the person who gets the most likes will win.

Sometimes when people come to buy elo boosting from us they, don’t have enough money for the boost they want. Joining the Facebook competition is a good way to have a chance at getting your boost without having to pay for it. Especially if you are one of those lucky people who win every time you join anything. You can also send us questions on via facebook, anything from buying an elo boost to how we manage to keep such a high win rate when we boost, to our thoughts about elo hell. Some people simply want to know a professional players thought about the LCS or new changes implemented in the league of legends game itself. Speaking of changes, if you didn’t notice the new patch the changes can be found here.

Some of our clients have been asking us if we can please write a couple of articles or guides about the game, so that they can learn and play better after they have received their elo boost, and we have decided it could be fun. If you want to receive an email whenever one of our new posts is out, just send us an email at and make the title: “Want to subscribe to your guides”. Of course, our coaches are also able to teach you all of these things, so if you would rather book a coaching lesson you are more than welcome to do that as well. We are going to go over laning mechanics, how to trade, position, the importance of objectives and many other things. But first I would like to leave you with an article found on Team Dignitas blog about the most important objectives in league of legends. The link is

We are looking forward to hearing from you, if it’s because you want to buy elo boosting, buy some great coaching, have questions or if you just want to learn more about our guides, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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