Guide To The Destiny Urn of Sacrifice

Posted: 15th December 2014 by sky shine in Destiny
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There are two new quests from Eris, and you’ll be able to collect when you complete The Wakening quest,One of them is Urn of Sacrifice that requires you to purchase Urn of Sacrifice item from Xur. It costs 1 Strange Coin. Once you get the Urn, visit Eris and continue the storyline.9


Kill 25 Thralls

In order to fill the Urn with burned ember you have to kill Thrall with Solar Fusion rifle. You can start The Dark Beyond moon mission on level 9 heroic difficulty and use Murmur on fire setting or Vex Mythoclast. Any help for destiny power leveling visit Where to find Cursed Thralls

Your next objective is to kill 5 Cursed Thralls. You can finish this task in different ways:

  • Patrol Cosmodrome, go to skywatch. Get to the room were you first meet the hive. Clear it. Back right corner has a lonely thrall, kill that one last. Now it will spawn some thralls and cursed ones. Kill the normal ones, melee a cursed one, get back out to regen health. Ignore the knight. More details for the room: Remember the first time you face a wizard? Head that direction. Just before you get to that room, you go up some stairs. Just before those stairs, you’re in a dark room where you need your ghost’s light on.
  • Jump into the new Omnigul strike! The Telthor mission “Chamber of night” has many cursed thralls!

If you don’t pick up the items they stay on the ground, even after death resets they will not disappear.


Defeat hive acolytes and wizards with void damage

Your best choice is to start the Dark Beyond moon mission for this task, because it has quick enemy respawn about ~15 acolyte kills per runs (0 wizards). The Telthor mission CP net about 30 per run. You can also try The Summoning Pit strike.

Kill Urzok

You’ll find Urzok during a Public event – Enemy moves against each other. It’s a very tough boss with a massive Arc shield. It’s better to find a help to take him down. Urzok seems to spawn in any public event or even just roam around the cosmodrome! Ritual of sacrifice.

Ritual of sacrifice

Go to the moon and complete a special mission called Ritual of sacrifice! Do this on hard and earn 5 Motes of light!


+33 Legendary gloves

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