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RuneScape has released, with Buyers and Cellars quest, the Thieves’ guild. Unlike other guilds, the thieves’ guild does not have a level requirement to enter. Rather, as higher thieving levels are obtained, RuneScape players unlock the ability to complete more capers and unlock more of the guild. This guide is archived. See Skills in RuneScape main hub page for links to updated and recent related guides. The thieves’ guild is located underground in Lumbridge. To enter the Thieves’ Guild, go to the building north of Lumbridge furnace and enter the cellar hatchway outside this building on the northern side. All RuneScape members can access the Thieves’ guild. Initial amenities are a thieving dummy in a small room.

RuneScape players can train n this dummy to get to level five thieving, where Buyers and Cellars quest can be done.Buyers and Cellars quest unlocks the main room of the thieves’ guild, where RuneScape players can pickpocket handkerchiefs and cash them in. Thieving experience from successful pickpocket and from hanky points varies by thieving level. RuneScape players also have access to chests which can be thieved from for handkerchiefs.At level 24 thieving, From Tiny Acorns thieving caper can be undertaken.

Completion of this caper unlocks a couple useless rooms and coshing volunteers. However, the inability to obtain rubber blackjacks renders them useless.Level 41 thieving unlocks the ability to complete Lost Her Marbles thieving caper. After completion, the guild store unlocks, allowing the RuneScape player to buy rubber blackjacks. Now the RuneScape player can blackjack the coshing volunteers. RuneScape players proficient in blackjacking can obtain their weekly hanky quota fast by this method. When RuneScape players attain level 62 thieving, with level 46 herblore, level 40 agility, and the ability to use blackjacks, A Guild of Our Own thieving caper can be undertaken. Completion of this caper unlocks a bank in the thieves’ guild as well as the ability to use vial of stench for better thieving abilities. 

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