High-Performance Foods for Diablo 3 Players

Posted: 13th June 2012 by admin in Other Games
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After years of waiting, it’s finally here, Diablo 3 is coming out. Gamers all over the world are preparing to log in at midnight PDT time to start their Diablo 3 adventures. Many players have also stocked up on food for their marathon sessions. I’ve seen a ton of really poorly-chosen foods for long sessions of Diablo 3 dungeon hunting. Below, I’ve written up several ideal (and horrible) foods for Diablo 3 gaming.

Carrots – This may seem like a bland, boring food option, but carrots actually have a nutrient called carotene that has been proven to keep your eyes and your vision healthy. Since you’ll likely be staring at a screen (and barely blinking) for hours on end, you might want to consider snacking on carrots. For those worried about weight gain, carrots are an extremely healthy option. For those worried about food costs, carrots are also very inexpensive. You should be enjoying what’s on your screen enough; don’t go for fatty, processed, unhealthy mid-game snacks. You probably wouldn’t even taste indulgent foods enough to actually enjoy them.

Protein – Protein comes in many forms, but regardless of the source (nuts, chicken, peanut butter, etc.) it provides energy that lasts much longer than carbohydrate-based snacks. Protein has a lower index, which basically means that it’s a slower burning fuel compared to other foods. Since you’ll be playing long Diablo 3 sessions (and likely expending very little energy), this is the right fuel for the job. Carbohydrates and other high-glycolic-index foods will cause a burst of unnecessary energy followed by a crash as you blood sugar takes a nose dive. If you really do want to play Diablo 3 longer and get to Inferno Mode faster, you’ll want protein to help you prolong your adventures.

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