How to build a better boss fight

Posted: 9th April 2013 by admin in World of Wracraft
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The beginnings of giants
Boss battles are video games’ ultimate test–and there is no greater complexity than those found in MMOs. The road to an endgame MMO boss battle is steep, requiring dozens of hours of leveling, questing, and general death-dealing, all to get to a bare-minimum point of adequate strength and equipment. Other players must also do the same. And on the flip side, that boss must be able to stand a chance against the absurdly unfair odds inherent to a 1-on-20 (or more) matchup.

We’ve often wondered what arcane principles could guide the crafting of such a boss–one that carefully treads the fine line between being an unsatisfying pushover and a heinous brick wall of unfair difficulty. To get some answers, we’ve talked with the fine folks whose job it is to invent the daunting encounters seen in the likes of World of Warcraft, Rift, and EverQuest. By staying mindful of the following principles, they’ve created some astounding boss encounters–the kind that demand intense, coordinated efforts with the promise of euphoric victory as reward. 

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