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After the WLK was opened again, everyone is nervous and players collect power to prepare rushing 80 level as fast as possible. There are a lot kinds of rewards and BUG. It seems that it can go back to the prosperous time of WOW. As a 60 age old player, i get through the suffer of TBC. I only want to find i real needed things when WLK is back: the happy experience of growth in the game. Remember i first joined wow and upgraded level, it was only an original demand and happiness, just like i went back to childhood. Though i get through different troubles everyday, i am happy and satisfied. Now when i see different brushing in channels and media reports who gets 80 level first, i have to ask the media, do you really know WOW? Is brushing only bring happiness for you? I also want to ask the big player who achieved 80 level, how many groups’ contribution makes your success now? At the time you win the top-level equipment, do you always get the group and personal respect? I don’t want to become people like you, as i want to do my daily task careful and enjoy the surprise WLK brings to me. Even i get 80 level, i also need to follow game and being a person’s nature. When i get group’s respect, i will go to get my desirable equipment, as it fills with happiness and honor. I would like to share it with my group. I deeply understand fast is not equal with happiness.

I also hope all real wow players could come back in the to real game. Don’t get temptation from collection players; don’t listen to media’s blindly brag; not in order to get high level and lose respect. I hope you can enjoy the happiness in wow, but not become enemies just for catching good equipment. I hope wow could bring us original happiness, but no the “fast” general mood which is exaggerated by media. I hope other players are the same as me, as “slow” is also a kind of beauty, which need to be tasted in the slow process. Sometimes, i can see someone show their equipment. I think it is unnecessary. In my eyes, the last one to get equipment in the group deserves to be shown. Media’s flaunt is not necessary, as they never play wow. Their flaunt is full of utility. They are not real friends of wow players. I believe wow will go back its “slow” orbit in someday. A lot of players are devoted for their groups. Even if our equipment is gray, it is also beautiful under the sunshine, as it is made by our group.Don’t be tangled with using which weapons or taking which baby. Are you still remembering 5 years ago, how excited you were when the team leader gave you the nuclear macro? After learning cramps macro, you cut a figure in dark temple and excited. In the arena, 6 level arcane shot was used very proficient by you. Without blue, you walked on air after cutting viper and double thirty saber. Three years ago, the fire of north crack boundary was broken out suddenly. Among the heroes, you took your orange arrow. In the numberless of getting on the lich king’s throne, you lost yourself. It is a piece of cake to achieve the second level weapons and you even don’t want to mention it. At last when people talk about you, they only remember the combative glod

Two years ago, the trick of old god made you see the death wing. You didn’t reconcile and stepped on the palace and flame land. But you didn’t think your power is weaker and weaker. No matter in wild or plug flags, you were alway full of wounds. On the road of crusade against the death wing, your hurt made your teammates looked down upon you. Without the help of teammate, you didn’t know how to do. Only your pet was loyal to you. Now, the warm breeze in jade forest is refreshing. Mantis, magic ancient and panda can’t arouse your interest again. So long time has passed, do you remember what should be put down and what should be picked up? Sitting in the bar and drink a cup of wine, talking your experience to your people. You can tell them the complete location of every black lotus and the difficulty in Ludiluo’s. You witnessed the flying arrow of Rope lidas until your tongue bends. At this moment, someone told you a wine, which can make your skin resist cold winter like iron dwarf. Someones said you brag and someone made joke of you. If you are not drunk, please say “thank you” to your friends who get together so many years with you.

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